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by Laura Wright on October 16, 2009 in Odum Library


Scholarly Texts and Research at Valdosta State University


Vtext is an open access institutional repository established and maintained by Odum Library at Valdosta State University. Vtext collects, preserves, and distributes Valdosta State University’s intellectual capital.

What do we mean by intellectual capital?

  • Faculty and staff research
  • Pre-prints & post-prints
  • Journal articles – if the publisher permits it
  • Student research papers & projects
  • Conference proceedings
  • Presentations
  • University publications & documents
  • Teaching materials

Vtext can accommodate a variety of formats including  audio files, photographs, videos, posters, and more.

Why use the Vtext repository for your scholarship?

  1. The software makes dissemination quick and efficient.  Authors or library staff can easily upload files and add descriptive information (metadata).
  2. Increases visibility for your research and your department. Vtext will bring new readers to your research. Vtext can be searched through Google or searched directly.
  3. Helps you meet grant requirements for dissemination. Most federal grants require that you describe how you will disseminate the results of your funded research.
  4. Provides stable long-term maintenance. The library is committed to maintaining long-term access to content housed in the repository, including durable file-names and addresses.
  5. Collects the intellect output of the VSU community in one location.

Benefits to authors include:

  • Broadens worldwide access to material
  • Increases citations of your research
  • Preserves your research
  • Eases access to material via search engines such as  Google and Google Scholar
  • Raises the profile of VSU researchers

How do I view the Vtext repository?
To view our institutional repository please visit the Vtext website at:

You can browse the contents, or search.

How can I participate?
Vtext is a free service that the library offers to any member of the VSU community. If you are interested in participating, or if you would like to learn more, please contact:

Michael Holt
Reference Librarian
Odum Library
Valdosta State University
Phone: 229.333.7105
Email: vtext-help@valdosta.edu


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