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Spring 2010 Reference Services Satisfaction Survey

by Jeffrey Gallant on May 21, 2010 in Odum Library

Over the past month, we have been collecting and analyzing data from our Spring 2010 Reference Services Satisfaction Survey.

The statements on this survey are the same ones we asked in the previous three surveys, and Reference Services users rated us on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being “strongly disagree”, 5 being “strongly agree”).   The four statements are:

  1. I got the information I needed.
  2. I have a better understanding of how to find information.
  3. I have a better understanding of how to evaluate information.
  4. I am satisfied with the service I received.

The survey results showed that users were once again very satisfied with their experience!


User comments were all very positive, and included:

  • The librarian who assisted me was very nice.
  • Very helpful with finding info that I would not have been able to obtain myself.
  • I received great assistance.  I was able to receive information on a topic that I really wanted to research, when I thouht there wasn’t any information out there.
  • The help was efficient and led to some great sources.
  • Thank you!! (smiley face)

31 out of 32 users that responded were undergraduate students, and one user responded as “other.”

We also evaluated ourselves on our interactions at the Reference Desk:


The data shows that we are mostly satisfied with how we help you overall (statement 4).

From the results for question 3, the data shows that many of us wish we had more time at the desk with users to help them evaluate the information they find.  Determining the value and quality of information you find is extremely important, and librarians are ready and willing to help you bring up those evaluation skills!  Please ask us if you need help with this.

75% of the provider surveys were completed by librarians, 18.75% by peer reference counselors, and 6.25% by interns.

Here is a user satisfaction summary of the past two school years, from Fall 2008 to Spring 2010:


This year’s user satisfaction ranks as the 2nd highest on the list, and all four surveys had very positive results, never dropping below an average score of 4.

We are always looking for new ways to improve our service here at Odum Reference, and we’re also looking into improving how we evaluate our service.  Please post a comment on the blog or Facebook if you have any ideas of how we could either serve you better or find out more about how we’re doing!


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