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Texting after dark?

by Ginger Williams on October 21, 2010 in Odum Library

Put this number in your phone! 229.234.1947

People are raving about our new service that lets you text message your question to Odum. It’s a great way to find the information you need when you aren’t at a computer or you’re in a hurry. Maybe you just want to know if the library is open before you walk over here. In any case, keep the questions coming! Send them to 229.234.1947

Aren’t you curious about what happens when you send us a late night text?  We thought so!

When you text us any time, day or night, your question goes to the Reference Librarians.  We will text you right back during our normal hours.  Even though Reference Librarians live to help our students, we don’t live at the library.  When we open up the Reference Desk in the morning  we get to read and answer all of the text messages you sent us overnight.  On weekdays, that means you might get a return text from a Librarian at 8AM!  We don’t want to wake you up, but we do want to get you the information you need as quickly as we can.  If you don’t plan on being up that early you might want to put your phone on silent.

To find out what hours the Reference Desk is open or to send us a chat, email, or text question, go to http://www.valdosta.edu/library/ask.php


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