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Royal Weddings

by Maureen Puffer-Rothenberg on April 20, 2011 in Odum Library

The April 29 wedding of Catherine Middleton to Prince William of Wales affords us an opportunity to look back on other royal marriages~~ the good, the bad and the ugly (link from the Internet Public Library).

Ask us if you’re interested in books about the Royals (or anything else of course, just ask!)~~ for example

Henry VIII’s consort Anne Boleyn

Matilda of Flanders (consort to William the Conqueror)

Eleanor of Aquitaine and other Medieval queens

Maria Fitzherbert (George IV stabbed himself when she refused his proposal of marriage)

Diana, Princess of Wales

Edward, Duke of Windor (the one who abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson, a commoner, who thus became Wallis Warfield Windsor)

Victoria and Albert

Victoria and Albert



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