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New Library Videos on our New "Library Help!"

by Jeffrey Gallant on May 6, 2011 in Neat Stuff, Reference

If you’ve been to our Library Help page lately, you have probably noticed quite a difference.  You may be wondering why the heck it looks so different.  I won’t get into too many details – this is a blog, after all – but here’s the lowdown:

We want any library patron who clicks on “Library Help” on the Main Menu in the Library Homepage to get a page that helps them out immediately after they clicked on the link.  In the past, most of the helpful pages were within another page with the lengthy title “How to Research, Evaluate Sources, and Cite,” which you would have to click on after you clicked on “Library Help.”  The new Library Help merges that page with the past Library Help page, and it organizes all of our content into categories that make sense in a college research setting.  First, there’s all the general library stuff – how to use the catalog, what’s up with Interlibrary Loan, etc.  It’s all research from there – planning your searches, searching for articles, evaluating the sources you find, and then citing those sources in whatever style you’re using.

You’ll also see that we have moved our content into the world of streaming video!   You’re going to see many more VSU Reference Librarian-made video tutorials, covering different aspects of the research process, how to use certain databases, and how to use aspects of the Library Homepage very soon.  Some of these are already up, including What is a Scholarly Database? and News Resources.

We hope you enjoy the new Library Help page – please let us know if you have anything you’d like to see in Library Help!


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