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Update: BlazeView working!

by Michael Holt on August 17, 2011 in Odum Library

Good news- BlazeVIEW is up and running again! Log in and see what you’ve missed in your classes.


Original post:

BlazeVIEW Outage

For those of you wondering why you could not get in to Blaze View for the past several hours, we regret to inform you that BlazeView is indeed down.

Here is a statement from Joe Newton, Director of Information Technology at VSU, concerning the outage.

“We regret to advise students and faculty to plan for the likelihood of a full day of continued outage of the BlazeView online course service today, Wednesday, August 18, 2011, following failures which began about 7:20pm last night. We have not observed hardware failure and do not expect any data loss. The failure appears to stem from the operation of the Blackboard Vista application software and its connection to the supporting Oracle database service. The Blackboard software provider’s technical support was engaged and escalated last night and have worked through the night to troubleshoot, but at this time we do not know the cause or resolution of the issue and do not have an estimate of when services will be restored. We will apprise the campus throughout the day as we know more. We regret the loss of class time and course work that this outage will have caused. The BlazeView system is supported by substantial server and storage assets, resources that have been sized to handle anticipated peak demand. When we know more, we will inform our users of the nature of this service failure, whether a manufacturer defect or limitation of applied resources, and what steps we have taken to ensure the availability of this service for the remainder of the semester.

Services such as email, Banner, the main web site, Active Directory, and the course servers for eCore, GOML, WebMBA, etc remain operational and unaffected by the BlazeView outage.”

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a Reference Librarian at the reference desk or at www.valdosta.edu/library/ask.php

You may also contact the IT Help Desk at 229-245-4357.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause students and faculty alike. As soon as we hear that service has been restored, we will let you know.


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