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Tips for Finals

by Ginger Williams on April 25, 2012 in Odum Library

Finals are almost here! We know what that means. We see you sitting at the computer for 10 hours straight. You drink lots of caffeine, get up only to sign for your pizza delivery, and check your Facebook every few minutes. It’s hard work finishing your papers and studying for all of your finals. In your stress-induced delirium, we want to remind you not to let common sense go out the window.

Advice from your librarians:

  • DON’T LEAVE YOUR STUFF UNATTENDED. Not a laptop, a textbook, or a purse. Not even a phone charger. This holds true all year long, but right now you’re so distracted that you forget to keep an eye on your things. It doesn’t matter if you’re just going to the bathroom or if you’re going next door to grab a Philly cheesesteak from Nathan’s. If you leave your things behind, they might not be there when you get back!
  • You can alleviate this problem just by studying with a buddy. Then you can look out for each other! We have lots of study rooms available on the first and third floor. They’re first come, first served, so don’t bother trying to reserve one. Get together and finish up your group projects, proofread each other’s papers, or help each other study for your finals!
  • Backup your documents! You spend a lot of time working on papers. Don’t let it go to waste just because you lost your flash drive! Save your documents in a couple of different places. Your Live@Valdosta email account has a SkyDrive where you can safely stash your papers.
  • If you need quiet to write, try the 3rd floor computer lab (the “quiet lab”) by the south staircase. It’s a designated quiet zone!
  • Finally, remember that we’re all a little stressed out right now, so be nice to one another. 🙂


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