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March 2, 2017

Cinematography Tip: Control Window Light With ND Gels

Take control of window lighting on your next shoot with ND filters.<p><i>Top image via Shutterstock.</i><p>Windows are light sources that can work wonders — if …
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March 1, 2017

The Best External Hard Drives for Video Editors

The professional video editor or filmmaker depends on a reputation for organization and reliability. Nothing can ruin a client relationship or career …
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March 1, 2017

Game Design and Interaction Design: Cambridge sQuizUp

Game Design and Interaction Design: Cambridge sQuizUp

Cambridge sQuizUp is an interaction design, UI/UX and game design project shared by Rafael Lima and Bernardo Bulcão on their Behance profiles. Basically it’s an educational game developed for the Cambridge University Press that combines knowledge and fun by testing the gamers english level through mini games. They also created a character to help them through the game. The game design is super friendly and colorful, in addition to that, the project share more details about the basic IA of the game, which is always cool for us to see.

Rafael Lima is a designer with more than 6 years of professional experience in different fields of innovation with an emphasis on digital interface and user experience. In recent years he had the privilege of work in projects for important companies like Coca Cola, Faber Castell, Cambridge University Press, FAAP and CVC. I’m currently working at Samsung Ocean Center, focusing on research and development of apps and games for different kinds of android devices like smartwatches, mobile phones and Gear VR.

Bernardo Bulcão is an illustrator and character designer from Manaus, Brazil.

Game design and interaction design

Mar 01, 2017

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March 1, 2017

35 Super Creative Explainer Video Examples

Explainer videos are a great communication tool for brands. Whether you’re explaining a product or service, demonstrating how to do something, or introducing your company to a visitor, they’re a quick and easy way to deliver that info. They’re also an opportunity to showcase your brand in everything from the visuals to the voiceover. Apply a little creativity and even the most boring product can become an entertaining explainer video. If you need proof, we’ve rounded up 35 awesome explainer video examples.

Our Favorite Explainer Video Examples

From motion graphics to live-action, these show you how to engage viewers in very little time. Take a look below, and if you need more inspiration, find out why explainer videos work, learn how to craft an awesome explainer video script, and see the 10 keys to a great explainer video.

1. “Tonx Truly Great Coffee In Your Kitchen, Without Much Fuss” by Sandwich Video

2. “Wizzki Making Hiring Simple” by MyPromoVideos

3. “NextGlass” by breadnbeyond

4. “Super Sync Sports” by No Mint

5. “Instagram Direct” by Delve

6. “Unwanted Tracking Is Not Cool” by BLACKMATH

7. “British Gas” by CHI & Partners

8. “BYOB Lumberjack Party” by Motion Authors

9. “Stampsy Launch Video” by Twistedpoly // Nejc Polovsak

10. “Don’t Be A Pitch” by Vireo Films

11. “Dumb Ways To Die” by Passion Paris

12. “Shark Wrap” by Video Brewery

13. “Sevenly” by Sevenly

14. “Lettuce App” by Brandon Wall

15. “Introducing Whistle” by Manifold

16. “Poo-Pourri Second Hand Stink” by A76 Production

17. “LivePlan Explainer” by Palo Alto Software, Inc.

18. “One Is One…Or Is It?” by TED-Ed

19. “Industrial Internet of Things” by Honeywell

20. “Skype for Business: Simplifying Communication in the Cloud” by Office Videos

21. “Explainer Video on Explainer Videos” by Column Five

22. “Web Standards for the Future” by W3C

23.” Text Me Up App” by Thinkmojo

24. “Digit” by Giant Ant

25. “The Happy Home Company” by Doug Ludlow

26. “Get Rewarded for Not Texting While Driving” by XL Team

27. “Just The Cream” by BriefMe

28. “Think With Your Hands” by FiftyThree

29. “Create Your Own Business” by Squarespace

30. “Zopim Overview” by Zendesk

31. “Clear for iPhone” by Realmac Software

32. “The Value of Data Visualization” by Column Five

33. “Helping Blind See” by Be My Eyes

34. “Smart Mailbox” by Epipheo

35. “Salesforce Desk.com” by Oddfellows

If you could use a little outside help with your next explainer video, read our parent company Column Five‘s tips on how to choose a video agency. They’re always happy to chat about any ideas you might have, too.

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