June 4, 2017

‘Fallout 4’ Mod Inspired by ‘The Witch’ Invites You to Game Deliciously — Watch

The world of “Fallout 4” is as open as they come, with endless side quests, oddball characters and other distractions to while away the hours in the wasteland. Thanks to a new mod, the post-apocalyptic RPG can now double as something akin to a horror film in the vein of “The Witch.”

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That’s fitting, as the long-standing series owes much of its aesthetic to another movie: “Mad Max.” Among the features in the “Pilgrim — Dread the Commonwealth” mod are a greyer color palette, film grain and new soundtrack, but perhaps most exciting of all is an upcoming addition that will swap out the faithful canine sidekick Dogmeat with none other than Black Phillip himself. Wouldst thou like to game deliciously?

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Robert Eggers’ 17th-century-set film was released last year after premiering at Sundance in 2015. The new mod was made by l00ping and TreyM, whose work can be found here. Get a glimpse below.

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