June 4, 2017

‘Toni Erdmann’ Director Maren Ade: ‘There Need to Be More Films Made by Women, Period’

Maren Ade’s time as a Cannes juror has come to an end, but the festival and one of its most pressing issues are still on her mind. The “Toni Erdmann” director spoke to Vulture during Kering’s Women in Motion program, saying that “there really needs to be a profound change; there need to be more films made by women, period.”

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“I read something recently that felt true for me,” she added, “that if a woman ends up finally making a film, the chances that it’s a good one, statistically, is very high, because once we get some money in our hands we try not to make something bad.”

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That said, she doesn’t think it should have to be that way. Rather, women should be able to make bad movies without all other female filmmakers suffering for it: “We all need to be able to make bad films in order to be in the end that some of us make ten good films over, say, 50 years of the competition. I really think that it’s not the festival’s problem.” Read more here.

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