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    5 Freelancer’s Personalities You’ll Meet

    June 6, 2017

June 6, 2017

5 Freelancer’s Personalities You’ll Meet

From designers to developers; writers to project managers –gigging is in.

The freelance economy is predicted to represent 43% of the workforce by 2020, making it one of the fastest-growing workforces out there, and it’s not limited to just the creative world. Freelancers take all forms, and a recent report by LinkedIn and Intuit suggests that there are 5 types of freelancer “personas” –each with their own drivers and desires.

  1. Side Giggers: see freelancing as a means to make extra cash, and are the most driven by money, compared to the other personas.
  2. Substituters: in the freelance game for temporary work, and don’t see this type of work as a long term thing. They’re least satisfied with gig work, which is often the result of recent job loss.
  3. Business Builders: are focused on building their own business, and pursue freelancing to either supplement or support those efforts. They love the fact that they can be their own boss, and are not the biggest fans of working under someone else.
  4. Career Freelancers: pursue gigs to develop their skills to help them in their careers. The majority of these are millennials and are the most satisfied with freelancing compared to other personas.
  5. Passionistas: value the joy that their work brings them. This group is is a master of their practice, and tends to work less, but earn more, compared to the others.

If you’re a freelancer, which persona do you identify with the most? Comment below!

Learn more about each freelancer persona in the infoGIF below, and then dive into the rich data in part two on the LinkedIn ProFinder blog.


Source: Visual News


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