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    What is the best Prototyping Tool for you?

    June 7, 2017

June 7, 2017

What is the best Prototyping Tool for you?

What is the best Prototyping Tool for you?

What is the best prototyping tool out there? We have asked that question to ourselves and between us many times. The answer is simple, there isn’t one. All the tools out there have their own advantages and disadvantages, the question is which prototyping tool works the best for you? One thing though, we are living at an incredible time and grateful to have so many great tools at our disposal to increase our workflow, achieve better results and collaboration. Maybe it’s just about having your own list of criteria to tackle down.

I’ve tried a lot of prototyping tools and still haven’t touched the surface of what’s out there. During the past couples of years, I have tried Axure, Marvel App, UXPin, Atomic and more. Let me breakdown three prototyping tools that worked pretty well for me and my design needs. Remember there isn’t such thing as one “best” tool that rules them all. Ask yourself questions on the pricing, what it could do on short terms and long terms, what platforms you wanna work on and even what is my workplace is currently using.

Remember there isn’t such thing as one “best” tool that rules them all.

What is the best Prototyping Tool for you?Sketch + InVision


I love InVision! For many reasons too, but I feel where InVision shines is the fact you can do-it-all under one roof when combined with Sketch or Photoshop. For my case, I use it with Sketch and combined with their plugin Craft. Together into a very powerful tool for the mood-board, prototyping, syncing, free hand (neat!), user-testing and more. Along with their tool, they are pretty active within the community with their blog, announcements, and famous newsletter! They keep adding new features for us to discover which makes them a game-changer in the industry.


  • Free

What is the best Prototyping Tool for you?Principle for Mac

Principle for Mac

Another tool that I really do enjoy and it’s Principle for Mac. Right off the bat, I love the fact that you’re off a pricing of a monthly plan, you purchase it once and it’s yours forever. What’s neat with Principle for Mac is that you can record your prototype then export it as a video or animated GIF. We know how important it is and cool to be able to share your process as a GIF! Another thing that I feel work pretty well with Principle for Mac, you don’t need an internet connection to work on this tool. Being offline can increase your productivity instead of relying on a fast connection.


  • $129USD

What is the best Prototyping Tool for you?Framer


We have recently featured Framer Design on ABDZ and they highly have the potential to change the game in the near future. Their latest integration of a smart graphics tool and now simple code editor together combines into a very powerful tool. From the auto-layout functions on the interface design to the power of code-based prototyping to the masses. I ordered my copy and I’ll play with it and shares my thoughts on the next article.


  • $15USD/per month

Voilà! Cheers to another quick roundup, hope this will help you to refine your design process. We all have the same goals to achieve greatness and still enjoy ourselves too. Also, it’s never too late to learn new things and discover tools that change your workflow for the better.

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Jun 07, 2017

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