January 6, 2018

Anton Yelchin’s Photography Can Now Be Seen by the Public for the First Time

Nearly two years after his death, Anton Yelchin continues to loom large in the minds of those who knew him. Unknown to most of his fans is the fact that the late actor, who died in a freak accident at the age of 27, was also an amateur photographer. Yelchin’s work will be displayed at the De Buck Gallery in Chelsea, New York until January 20, reports ArtNet, to celebrate his offscreen passion.

David De Buck, who owns the gallery that bears his name, called Yelchin an “extraordinary talent” and said that the ongoing show provides “a unique and intimate peek into his world.” He added that “Anton’s work is a rare and personal glimpse into an extraordinary life. The honest lens with which he captures each image enables a deep connection between the viewer, subject, and photographer.”

The exhibit is comprised of 53 photos taken by Yelchin, and his portion of any sales will be donated to the Anton Yelchin Foundation. Kristen Stewart and Bryce Dallas Howard were among the attendees at the opening-night reception.

Source: IndieWire film


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