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    Adult Coloring Books, the Future of Fun and More: Experiential Storytelling Track Sessions at SXSW 2018

    January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018

Adult Coloring Books, the Future of Fun and More: Experiential Storytelling Track Sessions at SXSW 2018

Discover how new technology has impacted the world of storytelling and immersive entertainment in the Experiential Storytelling Track at SXSW 2018. Learn how experimental strategies of storytelling are re-shaping the way global audiences digest information and changing a practice as old as time. Check out some of the highlights of the Experiential Storytelling Track with our session recommendations below.

“At a time when everyone can be a storyteller, Experiential Storytelling is an attempt to understand the ramifications,” says SXSW Programmer Jim Kolmar. “Initially concerned with the influence of technology on narrative strategies, this track provides a showcase and platform for storytelling as a living, breathing entity that can move in unpredictable directions, unbound by any one method or form.” For example, the session Provocative Adult Coloring Books delves into the storytelling potential of the hugely popular, yet unexpected medium of coloring books. Sally Eckhoff (F*CK ART (LET’S DANCE)) and Andrea Baker (FAMOUS RAPES) of Water Street Press will explore how they adapted their texts into coloring books, and what they learned along the way.

From reclaiming identity through multi-media, to how interactive audio will change everything, the Experiential Storytelling Track will showcase different sessions that highlight the evolution of storytelling. Dive deeper into the Experiential Storytelling Track from March 12-14 during SXSW Convergence programming. SXSW Convergence programming features a range of topics that straddle the cultural and technological intersection at the heart of SXSW with primary access granted to all SXSW Badges.

Experiential Storytelling Session Highlights

Say What? How Interactive Audio Changes Everything

Speakers: Matt Lieber (Gimlet Media), Patrick Givens (Vaynerchuck Media), Ruth Gaviria (Entercom Communications), and Tracy Garraud (SiriusXM Radio)

Podcasts! Spotify! Alexa! Everywhere you listen, audio is going interactive and on-demand. And as listeners take control entire industries are feeling the heat to innovate and evolve, catapulting us into a new era – The Golden Age of Audio. In this session, leaders from the industries shaping this new landscape will discuss its changing dynamics, how they are experimenting in audio today, and the impact on entertainment, marketing, and culture at large they anticipate in the years to come.

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Black Gotham: Immersive Storytelling & Technology

Speakers: Armando Somoza (Rapport Studios), and Kamau Ware (Black Gotham Experience)

Black Gotham Experience (BGX) is an immersive visual storytelling project that celebrates the impact of the African Diaspora on New York City through a series of walking tours and graphic novels that incorporate photography, design, and fashion. This workshop will lead participants through a sample of the walking tour, history, and culture. Come learn about how we leverage immersive technology including VR/AR to place you in the story so that you experience untold narratives and history.

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Full Body Immersive: The Future of Fun

Speakers: David L. Spigner (Boda Borg Corporation), Lou Pizante (Two Bit Circus Inc), and Vince Kadlubek (Meow Wolf)

Join pioneers immersive entertainment from Two Bit Circus, Meow Wolf, and Boda Borg to explore the future of fun. Find out how they’re working to break the mold of traditional entertainment. Discover the power of story rooms, immersive theater, group gaming, experiential collectives, mixed, and virtual reality. Learn how creativity and technology will combine to engage, entertain, inspire, motivate and activate the body, mind and spirit, from micro-to-macro-amusement!

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Reclaiming Identity Through Multi-Media

Speakers: Jade Begay (Indigenous Rising Media), Stina Hamlin (East Coast Digital), and Alex Simon (Sovereign Sounds)

For centuries, Indigenous Peoples have been systematically taught that their identities are illegitimate or shameful but now Indigenous Peoples are using multimedia like film, podcasts, and VR to show the world our stories of reclaiming identity and culture. In this panel, you will hear from Indigenous digital storytellers and filmmakers on how multi-media is being used by Native Peoples to break stereotypes and to bring more awareness to the Indigenous experience.

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Crossover Track Recommendations

Explore topics outside of your comfort zone and learn from SXSW sessions across all 24 Tracks of Conference programming. These recommended sessions are outside of the Experiential Storytelling Track, but will interest any SXSW attendee.

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