January 29, 2018

How to Get Started with Instagram Storytelling

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With all the latest talk about Facebook changing their newsfeed’s algorithm and the inevitable comparisons to Instagram (aka maximal vs. minimal design approaches), I’d like to focus our upcoming Visual Storytelling Today show on Instagram and how visual storytellers like you can take advantage.

As Alexis C. Madrigal aptly defines Instagram in a recent article on The Atlantic:

“Instagram does not pretend to be part of the public sphere. It is not the natural home of #theresistance. It’s a place for the Sunday’s-best version of your personal life to have space on the internet.”

Instagram is one of the fastest platforms that experienced a tremendous growth in recent years. With over 800 million users as of September 2017 – that translates into 1 out of 3 US Adults have an Instagram Account.

And marketers did take notice. In fact, 70.7% of US businesses are using Instagram in 2017, exceeding Twitter for the first time.

According to a recent New York Times article:

“One study, published by researchers at the University of Oregon in 2016, found that the use of image-based platforms like Instagram and Snapchat was associated with lower levels of loneliness among users, and higher levels of happiness and satisfaction, while text-based platforms had no correlation with improved mental health.”

So, if you find yourself using Instagram more as a way to unwind vs. text-based platforms like Facebook and Twitter, then there is some truth in these research findings.

With this in mind, our upcoming guest is Julie Cabezas, a co-founder of The Ideal Marketing Agency based here in South Florida. Julie has loads of expertise transforming brands into what she calls “Little Black Dress Brands” on Instagram.

Here is a sneak preview of what we’ll cover in our upcoming chat:

How would you pitch the benefits of Instagram to business leaders?

Instagram is all about relevancy. Instead of visiting a company’s website, many consumers now check Instagram to get a feel for the company’s worldview. Instagram shows customers in a very real way, how the brand relates to your customer’s life.

What are the typical business objectives marketers could use Instagram for?

People really don’t want to see brand information on Facebook. The culture is about family and friends – hence the radical shifts Facebook is making to their algorithms. On Instagram, it’s completely the opposite. That’s where we want to keep up with our favorite brands. On Instagram, your brother’s trip to Mexico is actually slightly less interesting than the content your favorite brands and celebrities are posting. So I think Instagram, and platforms like it, are the future of the brand-consumer connection.

Where do you see the future of Instagram storytelling headed?

Instagram storytelling is going to be – not only the visual pulse of the world – but the new wave of publishing. I’m not sure why anyone would buy a magazine these days when you can follow your favorite magazines on Instagram and get much fresher content.

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