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January 9, 2018

Alternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl Fitzgerald

Alternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl Fitzgerald

Who doesn’t love movie posters! It’s generally rare to stumble across a movie poster that you would appreciate the overall design enough. They are usually too corny with flame radiant effects coming from everywhere and big bold fonts. You know what I mean, see this link. On the other hand, we are taking a look at the alternate movie poster concepts by Karl Fitzgerald. He is a freelance illustrator based in London, UK. Taking a closer of his work, you will find a beautiful mixture of indeed textures and I love the fact that you don’t necessarily see the faces from the actors or actresses playing in the movie. It just keeps a cool mystery vibe, what do you think?

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Alternate Movie Poster Concepts

Alternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl Fitzgerald


Jan 09, 2018

Source: Abduzeedo Illustration

January 9, 2018

Artificial Intelligence, Politically-Charged Storytelling, and Virtual Reality: Film & TV Industry Track Sessions for SXSW 2018

From distribution to financing, the Film & TV Industry Track dives into the inner workings of these ever changing industries. Learn more about the business side of things with a taste of what our 2018 Film & TV Industry sessions have to offer.

“The Film & TV Industry Track surveys the film and TV industries through the independent and cultural lens of SXSW,” says SXSW Programmer Austin Nauert. “When we’re bombarded by content on all sides, this track covers everything from distribution strategies (both old and new) and technological advancements, such as VR and machine learning, to important industry topics like inclusion and diversity.”

“Do you have an old film that that you consider an absolute favorite, but upon watching it in the modern day felt conflicted about how it handles certain issues? Is it ok to still like these movies? Don’t worry, you are not alone,” says Nauert on the session, Pre-Woke Watching: Your Faves Are Problematic, where panelists discuss how their tastes have evolved over time. Led by Aisha Harris and Dana Stevens of Slate Magazine, who have a recurring segment on their podcast Represent, the session also includes Jenny Yang and Jeff Yang.

Take a deeper dive into the Film & TV Industry Track as we showcase different sessions that highlight artificial intelligence, virtual reality, issues surrounding the world of media, and more. Film & TV Industry Track sessions are held March 9-13 with primary access to Film and Platinum Badges; secondary access to all other badges.

Film & TV Industry Session Highlights

Making Ends Meet: Paying Bills and Making Films

Speakers: Don Hardy (KTF Films), Ana Asensio (Palomo Films LLC), Bradley Beesley (Roadside Media), Doug Blush (MadPix Inc)

It’s a jungle out there for independent filmmakers. Grant money is hard to find and relationships with investors, donors and distributors take time to develop. Even if you’ve had some success, nobody is backing up the money truck to finance your next project So, what do independent filmmakers really do to survive? Corporate work, commercials, weddings, porn? Ok, maybe not porn, but everything else is fair game, yet nobody really talks about it. Let’s change that.

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Sex & Text: Breaking Down Movie Stereotypes with AI

Speakers: Grace Lin (StoryFit) and Monica Landers (StoryFit)

Bad boy, home-wrecker, damsel: why is every hit movie and TV show home to at least one sad, sexist cliche? Are they storytelling tropes, or cultural symptoms? Applying AI models to box-office hits and misses unearths intriguing details about some of society’s most polarizing and sexist stereotypes. This talk will look at what machine learning reveals about the hidden forces at play in male/female character dynamics, how we perceive stereotype in dialogue, and good or bad, what it says about us.

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Film + Storytelling in a Politically-Charged Era

Speakers: Chris Albert (National Geographic), Laura Kim (Participant Media), and Matt Heineman (Filmmaker)

Americans are currently lacking support from their governing body, so the private and nonprofit sectors have stepped up to take on an important responsibility: telling the stories of those affected by White House actions and reigniting empathy + activism throughout the US. This panel features creative industry pros – top Hollywood directors and execs – to speak on the ways we can partner the profit-bearing potential of the business world with visionary storytelling to make waves on Capitol Hill.

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Surviving VR Wave 1 – Lessons + Insights

Speaker: Daniel Burwen (Jaunt VR)

Wave 1 of VR industry had its day and is now starting to die off. Wave 2 of companies pioneering storytelling within immersive media are taking shape with a different approach. After 2 years on the front line of wave 1 VR, I am here to share the hard lessons learned and show you how next generation companies are taking a different tact bridging the culture gap between Hollywood + Silicon Valley to build the next generation of immersive storytelling.

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Pre-Woke Watching: Your Faves Are Problematic

Speakers: Aisha Harris (Slate), Dana Stevens (Slate), Jeff Yang (They Call Us Bruce), Jenny Yang (Disoriented Comedy)

On her hit Slate podcast Represent, Aisha Harris has a recurring segment, Pre-Woke Watching, where guests talk about films they grew up with and loved, but can no longer view through an uncritical eye. (Like coming to terms with how totally sexist Pretty Woman is, or discovering the prevalence of colorism in Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America.) The panelists will have a hearty discussion around evolving tastes, opening up the floor to audience members to give their own PWW examples.

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Crossover Track Recommendations

Step out of your area of focus and explore SXSW sessions across all 24 Tracks of Conference programming. While the following sessions are not a part of the Film & TV Industry Track, the topics will interest anyone with a Film Badge!

Also, don’t forget about our Film & TV Industry Mentor and Round Tables sessions which allow for attendees to get intimate access to important veterans of the industry.

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2017 session “The Female Lens: Creating Change Beyond The Bubbley” – Teaser Photo by Nicola Gell Photography/Getty Images

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January 9, 2018

Window Seat – The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking by Julieanne Kost

Window Seat – The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking by Julieanne Kost


If you share the same curious eye as famed photographer Julieanne Kost you’ll love these beautiful photographs she’s captured over the past 15 years traveling on commercial flights in the prized window seat. Kost is an accomplished photographer and fine artist based in a San Jose, California with an immense talent for capturing abstract forms and thought-provoking landscapes. We’re excited to celebrate her most recent shots from her travels throughout California, Utah and as far flung as Australia below. Kost’s book “Window Seat – The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking” is available via hard copy as well as well as an updated iBook. Also be sure to check out more of her surreal and stunning portfolio here. A big thanks to Julieanne for reminding us all to look out that window on our next flight to appreciate the art, beauty and inspiration all around us. 



Named one of Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business,” Julieanne Kost is a Principal Evangelist at Adobe Systems, responsible for fostering relationships with customers through meaningful and inspirational Photoshop and Lightroom instruction. As a highly sought-after speaker for the industry-standard Digital Imaging franchise, she devises and presents motivating and educational training sessions, sharing original techniques and tutorials worldwide — via live events, Adobe.com, her own website (jkost.com) and blog (blogs.adobe.com/jkost). She is also the author of “Passenger Seat—Creating a Photographic Project from Conception Through Execution in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” and “Window Seat — The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking”, an accomplished photographer and fine artist, and creator and host of the popular Photoshop CC Essential Training, Adobe Camera Raw Essential Training, and the Art of Photoshop Compositing for LinkedIn Learning | Lynda.com.


Jan 09, 2018

Source: Abduzeedo Photography

January 8, 2018

Emoticulture, Cannabis, and Mobile Ecommerce: Brands & Marketing Track Sessions for SXSW 2018

From conversational storytelling to reaching emerging economies and beyond, sessions in our Brands & Marketing Track explore the constantly evolving world and work of agencies and their clients. Delve into new ways marketing professionals are creating and communicating new ideas by sampling what’s in store for the Brands & Marketing Track this SXSW with our session recommendations below.

“In an age where everyone has a personal brand to consider,” says SXSW Programmer Miranda Wylie, “the Brands & Marketing Track will offer unique perspectives on developing an authentic voice, collaborating for social good, the importance on taking a political stand, and executing a purpose-driven marketing strategy that can capture an audience quickly.”

“Social media makes for an easy and accessible mode of self-expression,” says Wylie expanding upon the session #NSFW: Feminist Artists on Sex & Digital Identity. “Selfie stick in hand, women are creating art, identities, and creative content that center themselves as the subject, no longer passive objects of desire.” On another session related to self-expression and media, How Gender Fluidity Recasts Brand Engagement, Wylie adds, “the rise of social media has also made for a growing understanding of the varying expressions of gender identity.”

Journey further into the world of the Brands & Marketing Track as we highlight sessions covering social media privacy, gender identity, the U.S. legal cannabis industry, Facebook’s take on mobile ecommerce, and more. Brands & Marketing sessions will be held at the Fairmont Hotel from March 10-15 with primary access to Interactive and Platinum Badges; secondary access to all other badges.

Brands & Marketing Session Highlights

Emoticulture: How Data & Science Create Happiness

Speakers: Marcus Collins (Doner) and Saleem Alhabash (Michigan State University)

It is hard to resist the urge to smile, but the propensity to smile is complex – determined by our surroundings, social training, conscious and unconscious. From Disney amusement parks to Coca-Cola, brands have been creating smiles for decades, but few have mastered the art of creating desired emotional outcomes through digital engagement. Uncover how Doner partnered with Michigan State University to combine data and science to create more happiness in the world.

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Hurry Up: High Times Are Here

Speakers: Faith Popcorn (Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve), Jeffrey Finkle (ARC Angel Fund), Jennifer Kaplan (Bloomberg LP), Chris Emerson PhD (Level)

The U.S. legal cannabis industry will boom to $50 billion in the next decade, more than eight times its current size. It will reinvent the consumer landscape and many of our familiar products and services. Will Prozac and beer still exist when weed is in the mix? Our panel of experts, including futurist Faith Popcorn, venture capitalist Jeffrey Finkle, and a Fortune 500 brand marketer, will share the seismic shifts ahead, the unforeseen obstacles, and the opportunities to make it big.

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#NSFW: Feminist Artists on Sex & Digital Identity

Speakers: Leah Schrager (Artist) and Lena Chen (Femina Non Grata)

As social media expands the possibilities for self-expression, a new generation of women artists are using the Internet and images of their own bodies to construct elaborate online personas as artistic projects. Unapologetically sexual and frequently censored, their work challenges the role of women as passive objects of desire. Straddling the line between art and autobiography, the artists tackle topics such as celebrity and trauma while engaging public audiences beyond the commercial art world.

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How Gender Fluidity Recasts Brand Engagement

Speakers: Angela Yang (T3), Shane Whalley (University of Texas), Chelsea Hostetter (Goodpatch) and Andy Bossley (IBM)

The changing norms of gender identity and expression and the cultural, legal, and political implications have become heated conversations around the country. How should brands consider gender-expansive audiences as they create new products, services, and communications? Our panelists will discuss new ways of thinking about brand engagement strategy, design, and targeting for non-normative markets and changing attitudes on gender.

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Facebook IQ: The 5 Consumer Shifts Shaping 2020

Speakers: Ann Mack (Facebook), Tomá Beczak (Facebook)

By the year 2020, more people will have mobile devices than running water or electricity at home, mobile will generate half of U.S. ecommerce and 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human. But if you know where to look, you can find the future all around you, right now — from how people use messaging apps in Southeast Asia to mobile payments in Sub-Saharan Africa. Join Facebook IQ to learn which of these shifts you can leverage for relevance and success tomorrow.

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Jump out of your area of focus and try out SXSW sessions across all 24 Tracks of Conference programming. While the following selected sessions are outside of the Brands & Marketing Track, these topics organically envelop more than one featured industry providing a bonus learning and networking opportunity that you’ll only find at SXSW.

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Teaser Photo by Sean Kennedy

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January 8, 2018

Super Easy Neon Effect – Photoshop Tutorial Revisited

Super Easy Neon Effect – Photoshop Tutorial Revisited

Another year, it’s our 11th here over at Abduzeedo land and we cannot believe it’s been already over a decade. We started as an inspiration and tutorials website, especially Photoshop tutorial. Looking back it’s crazy to think that we created and shared hundreds of tutorials on how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, Pixelmator and other tools. For this year I decided to revisit some of the most popular ones to see what could be improved. So to kick things off  I’d like to share a simple way to create a neon light effect in Photoshop. It’s very simple and the result is even better than the previous one. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what effect should we do next.

Photoshop tutorial

Step 1

Start with a simple layer and with Layer Styles add a radial gradient. The colors here are quite important because they will define the level of realism of your design. It cannot be too saturated or too dark, otherwise the Color Dodge effect won’t work. I am using #303e4a for the light blue and #151515 for the dark grey.

Step 2

Import the logo you want to use. I am using the outine version of the Abduzeedo logo. Here’s another important thing, the thickness of the outline/stroke will affect the realism as well.

Step 3

Now the Layer Style. Quite a few, but important things changed to Layer Style since I wrote the Neon tutorial more than 5 years ago. The most important thing for me is that you can have multiple styles, for example, you can have more than one Drop Shadow or Inner Shadow. That’s definitely super useful for light effects like this.

The first thing to do is to add a Color Overlay and use white for the color. If you look at how neon works, pretty much the center of the tube is very white and the color gets more visible on the edges. That’s what we will try to replicate.

Step 4

So for the Bevel & Emboss. This part is just to give the glass look to our form. It’s not really necessary if you look at how neon lights work, but again, it gives some more depth. Below you can see the values.

Step 5

The Inner Shadow will start giving the realism we want. The Color Overlay we use is the color we want our neon light to be. I am using a nice Cyan color.

Step 6

The Inner Glow is the same thing, it wil reinforce the blend of the blue with the white. Below you can see the values.

Step 7

The Outer Glow will create the light effect or how the light interact with the background and other objects. You can see that I am using the maximum size and Overlay for the Blend Mode with the same cyan color I want the light effect to be.

Step 8

The drop shadows will create the blend of lights. You can achieve that by using Vivid Light or Color Dodge. I am using 2 Drop Shadows. The first one will behave like an outer glow and the second one will be the light that gets reflected on the background. It will be a bit below or above depending on the angle you want people to see the logo.

Step 9

Here’s the initial result with simple Layer Style

Step 10

Now let’s add a concrete texture for the background. That will dark things up a little bit.

Step 11

Here you can add some little elements, like screws, wires. It’s fairly simple and they don’t require too much detail.

Step 12

To connect the neon with the wire we need to add some elements to create this idea that the neon is a bit far from the wall. I just used a rectangle with Layer Style as you can see below.


There are 2 more important things that you can do to make it look awesome. After you finish your design, select all layers and duplicate them. Right after merge thoses in one layer and go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Use something over 20. Duplicate this layer. You will have 2 layers, make the one below to have Overlay for the Blend Mode and the one on Top Screen @50% opacity. That will create a super cool glow effect.

Your design is done you can now repilcate that for other projects and even save it as a style.

Download Photoshop File

Click here to download the Photoshop file used for this tutorial

Jan 08, 2018

Source: Abduzeedo Tutorials

January 8, 2018

How the Leica M10 is Made – a Cinematic behind-the-scenes

It is probably because I worked at Boeing for so many years and was able to regularly visit the shop floor to watch the F-15 and F-18 fighters being …
Source: CW’s Flipboard Feed

January 7, 2018

Specialty Box Office Soars with ‘Molly’s Game,’ ‘Darkest Hour,’ ‘The Post,’ and ‘I, Tonya’

Holiday momentum boosted “The Post” (20th Century Fox) as it expanded over the Golden Globes weekend ahead of its national release next week — the best platform expansion in over a year. “I, Tonya” (Neon) also generated a strong response as holdovers “Molly’s Game” (STX) and “Darkest Hour” (Focus Features) went wider to place in the Top Ten. Longer-running “The Shape of Water” (Fox Searchlight) and “Lady Bird” (A24) are still attracting large crowds.

Strong word of mouth is pushing both established titles and fresh players to thrive against other wide release films drawing adult and upscale audience attention. Apart from this revival of interest in specialized film titles, what stands out is the way distributors placed their films for maximum impact against intense peak holiday competition. Their need is to keep the films vital through the looming January 23 Oscar nominations. Most of the awards contenders have been maximized, with few notable stumbles.


In Between (Film Movement) – Metacritic: 79; Festivals include: Toronto 2016

$5,435 in 2 theaters; PTA (per theater allowance): $2,718

This Israeli drama about the budding feminist movement among Palestinians nabbed by far the best reviews of the week’s limited releases. (It was the only one to report grosses.) This opened at two Landmark locations in Manhattan (the new theater on the Upper West Side will pick up demand after the closure of the Lincoln Plaza). These are minor grosses, but set up the film for national attention at niche locations.

What comes next: A national big market roll out expected to hit most major cities starts this month.

“Molly’s Game”

Week Two

Molly’s Game (STX)

$7,000,000 in 1,608 theaters (+1,337); PTA (per theater average): $4,356; Cumulative: $14,220,000

STX’s strategy of limited specialized initial play starting Christmas Day followed by a big national release on a slow week for new films has paid off with a decent if not spectacular second week. Aaron Sorkin’s true story about how an Olympic skier became a private gambling entrepreneur gets credit for breaking through to an audience already saturated with sophisticated releases. The ultimate test will be if the results (again, good not great) can sustain in weeks ahead, with Oscar attention including potential Best Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay nominations critical in this plan. But the timing of the release can only help its cause.


“Phantom Thread”

Photo : Laurie Sparham / Focus Features

Phantom Thread (Focus)

$245,000 in 6 theaters (+2); PTA: $40,833; Cumulative: $952,000

Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1950s London fashion world drama added Toronto and a third New York date for its second weekend. The PTA remains healthy even if it falls behind the director’s prior films. This could be another of his niche films to struggle to gain mass appeal. It needs awards nominations ahead to give it a chance in further expansion in upcoming weeks.

Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool (Sony Pictures Classics)

$24,268 in 4 theaters (no change); PTA: $6,067; Cumulative: $83,702

Annette Bening’s turn as actress Gloria Grahame late in life dropped about 30 per cent on its second weekend in limited New York/Los Angeles dates. That’s a fall from an already mediocre start despite major support from SPC.

“In the Fade”

In the Fade (Magnolia)

$(est.) 13,000 in 6 theaters (+3); PTA: $; Cumulative: $(est.) 36,000

Fatih Akin’s German drama about a woman fighting back after right wing terrorists destroy her family had a small expansion in its second weekend but is still struggling to gain traction. All eyes are on whether this shortlisted foreign-language title lands an Oscar nomination.

Ongoing/expanding (Grosses over $50,000)

Darkest Hour (Focus) Week 7

$6,355,000 in 1,733 theaters (+790); Cumulative: $28,391,000

The near doubling of its theater count led to a 16 per cent increase in gross, providing Joe Wright’s film with another strong weekend. Focus has done a terrific job of timing the release, and a middle-American audience is responding well.

“The Shape of Water”

The Shape of Water (Fox Searchlight) Week 6

$3,100,000 in 804 theaters (+48); Cumulative: $21,653,000

Guillermo del Toro’s romantic fantasy continues to thrive, down only slightly after a strong holiday weekend and looking to add much more ahead. Searchlight has played this perfectly so far.

I, Tonya (Neon) Week 5   49  /2868

$2,426,000 in 242 theaters (+193 theaters); Cumulative: $5,295,000

A strong result for the first broadening of the Tonya Harding story. The theater average of some $10,000 is around the level of similar results for breakout successes like “Lady Bird” and “The Shape of Water.” Neon’s gamble of a slower release and  timing their still wider exposure in January is working.

“The Post”

The Post  (20th Century Fox) Week 3

$1,700,000 in 36 theaters (+27); Cumulative: $3,850,000

We’re looking at an over $47,000 per theater average for the significant limited expansion of Steven Spielberg’s Pentagon Papers drama. That’s significantly bigger than either “Lady Bird” or “The Shape of Water” at a similar number of theaters early in their respective runs. As it breaks out wide next weekend, “The Post” will get a strong box office push alongside an expected awards crescendo that could reach wide popular interest.

Lady Bird (A24) Week 10

$1,559,000 in 562 theaters (+170); Cumulative: $34,115,000

A small uptick in gross from the holiday weekend (with more theaters) builds on a strong total. Greta Gerwig’s comedy has now grossed far more than “Moonlight” in total last year, and is ahead of what recent Oscar winners “Spotlight,” “12 Years a Slave,” “Birdman” and “The Artist” each had taken in at this date in their runs. With a bounty of awards attention ahead, expect it to surge ahead of all those totals even if it doesn’t win.

The Disaster Artist  A24) Week 6

$781,530 in 478 theaters (-29); Cumulative: $19,467,000

A big drop from last weekend as James Franco’s film looks like it has taken in most of its still impressive total prior to its potential awards attention.

“Call Me By Your Name”

Call Me By Your Name (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 7

$758,726 in 117 theaters (+2); Cumulative: $6,085,000

Though it has not yet shown the appeal of other rival recent releases, early in its slower release Luca Guadignano’s period gay romance is holding well in initial limited dates. With a wider release timed to parallel its expected significant Oscar nomination haul, it has already reached a significant gross in its early stages.

Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri (Fox Searchlight) Week 9

$705,000 in 310 theaters (+44); Cumulative: $25,393,000

Martin McDonagh’s black comedy is alive and kicking after a strong run. This could have plenty of steam left. With a theater total increase, the gross climbed a little from last weekend.

Christian Bale in Hostiles


Hostiles (Entertainment Studios) Week 3

$310,000 in 46 theaters (+41); Cumulative: $435,192

Scott Cooper’s festival launched and initially platformed western with Christian Bale hit top markets this week in advance of its national expansion this week with a performance a bit better than its initial two city holiday dates. It still faces a struggle to gain a foothold, but at least this weekend shows it has some life in it.

Loving Vincent (Good Deed) Week 16

$64,397 in 58 theaters (+3); Cumulative: $6,381,000

The film that will not die still adds to its impressive totals, with a shot at an Oscar Animated Feature nomination just ahead.

The Florida Project  (A24) Week 14

$60,734 in 37 theaters (+4); Cumulative: $5,410,000

Sean Baker’s long-running acclaimed Orlando motel drama keeps its presence alive again in its fourth month with hopes for further attention still alive. This could pop up for more play ahead.

Also noted:

The Man Who Invented Christmas (Bleecker Street) – $21,449 in 70 theaters ; Cumulative: $5,653,000

Jane (Abramorama) – $20,405 in 19 theaters; Cumulative: $1,540,000

Happy End (Sony Pictures Classics) – $14,044 in 6 theaters; Cumulative: $83,637

Source: IndieWire film

January 7, 2018

‘Blade Runner 2049’ Sequel: Ridley Scott Already Has Plans for a Third Chapter

Director Ridley Scott has an idea for a new “Blade Runner” film and is hoping to get it off the ground. Although he recently vocalized some strong opinions about why the second chapter, “Blade Runner 2049,” underperformed at the box office (“It’s slow. It’s slow. Long. Too long. I would have taken out half an hour,” Scott told Al Arabiya), he seems to be eager to return to the series.

When asked about continuing the saga, Scott told Digital Spy, “I hope so. I think there is another story. I’ve got another one ready to evolve and be developed, so there is certainly one to be done for sure.”

Scott recently spoke with Vulture about how he helped to shape the script for “Blade Runner 2049.”

“Most of that script’s mine,” he said. “I sit with writers for an inordinate amount of time and I will not take credit, because it means I’ve got to sit there with a tape recorder while we talk. I can’t do that to a good writer. But I have to, because to prove I’m part of the actual process, I have to then have an endless amount [of proof], and I can’t be bothered.”

Watch the “Blade Runner 2049” trailer below:

Source: IndieWire film

January 7, 2018

‘Justice League’ Protest: Over a Dozen Fans Demand Zack Snyder’s Director’s Cut at Burbank Event

Justice League” was underwhelming for many DC Comics fans, but one loyal group is determined to find out if Zack Snyder’s director’s cut is any better. On January 6, a group travelled to Warner Bros. headquarters in Burbank, demanding for the cut to be released via a banner which read “#ReleaseTheSnyderCut,” Comic Book reports. The event was organized by a YouTuber named Itzmoe, and included cosplayers dressed up as “Justice League” characters like Batman and Wonder Woman.

The event’s original call to action dictated the group’s mission, and strict dress code:

Join me (ITZMOE on YouTube) and other Snyder fans as we take a photo in front of Warner Bros. with a #ReleaseTheSnyderCut sign while wearing our Zack Snyder shirts/ DC shirts, & costumes to (peacefully) show our support for the release of a Snyder cut of Justice League! After we take the photo, we will all share it on ALL of our social media so hopefully it will spread and get it to Zack himself so he can see it, like he saw the “Thank You Zack Snyder” video I made!

PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY SIGNS. I will have the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut sign and that is the ONLY sign that we want in the photo so the focus will be on that, so instead of bringing a sign, just wear any shirts you have supporting Zack, DC, or Justice League cosplay you may have.

**ABSOLUTELY NO SHIRTS/ SIGNS INSULTING WB/ JOSS/ ETC. WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE PHOTO!*** We want to show support for Zack Snyder, so we want to focus on our support and love for him and his work, NOT dissing others, so DO NOT bring shirts/ signs insulting others or you won’t be allowed in the photo. We don’t want to embarrass Zack and give Zack Snyder fans a bad name. We want to show him how much we appreciate him and make this a photo that he would be happy to share. PLEASE share this around everywhere so we can have a large group in the photo supporting Zack and his JL cut!!!

Warner Bros. has not yet responded to the event or the picture.

Source: IndieWire film

January 7, 2018

ABDZ Photo Challenge (It’s back!): This month’s hashtag #abdz_inspiring

ABDZ Photo Challenge (It’s back!): This month’s hashtag #abdz_inspiring

After getting a lot of requests we are bringing back the ABDZ Photo Challenge. For those who doesn’t know what is the ABDZ Photo Challenge. It’s a photo challenge purely for fun and somehow to help you improve your photography or mobile photography skills. After a few trials in the past, we decided to run the challenge for one month now (instead of one week like it was before). Also, the best picture for this month’s challenge will win their own starter kit from Moment including the Photo Case, a Lens, and a Nylon Wrist Strap. Let’s start this year on a high note!

ABDZ Photo Challenge (It's back!): This month's hashtag #abdz_inspiringStarter kit from Moment (Photo Case, Lens and Nylon Wrist Strap)

For this month, we are moving forward with the hashtag: –> #abdz_inspiring. This month’s challenge is all about the new year, capturing pictures of people, places and/or little things that inspire your day-to-day. From a casual Sunday to your weekly commute, take us on a ride around the World so we can explore your own vision of inspiration. We can’t wait to see you what will be creating.

Challenge Rules

  • All pictures must be submitted by February 5th, 2017
  • Each week, we will feature a series hand-picked from the submissions on Instagram
  • At the end of the ABDZ Photo Challenge, we will select the best picture who will be taking home their own starter kit from Moment (Photo Case , Lens and Nylon Wrist Strap)
  • For your pictures, use the hashtags #abdz_inspiring or/and/with #abdzphotochallenge.

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Inspiration from Eric Cheung‘s Instagram

Jan 07, 2018

Source: Abduzeedo Photography