March 25, 2018

Watch: What’s the Difference Between A-Roll and B-Roll Footage?

A-roll and B-roll footage are both important pieces of the filmmaking puzzle.

What is A-roll and B-roll? If you’ve just embarked on your filmmaking journey, you may have never heard of these terms before, but these two fundamental concepts in filmmaking are important for every new filmmaker to recognize as well as implement in their work because of the crucial roles they play in the storytelling process. This video from Pond5 will help get you up to speed on what they are and why they’re uniquely important. Check it out below:

The fundamental difference between A-roll and B-roll is this: A-roll, or principal photography, is the footage used to tell the story, and B-roll, or supplemental footage, is used to support or add depth and context to A-roll.

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