April 27, 2018

Got Noisy Audio? Here’s the Fastest and Easiest Way to Clean It Up

You recorded some audio, huh? You forgot to turn off the AC, didn’t you? Come here, buddy. Let’s clean it up.

It’s the dumbest, most aggravating mistake that I made constantly in my early days of filmmaking: forgetting to turn off fans, AC units, washing machines, and other humming, beeping, annoying electronics. It almost ruined one of my college documentaries, because, like a genius, I decided sitting next to a dishwasher mid-cycle was a good time and place to record audio, and instead of being able to hear this WWII veteran’s emotional account of being stationed near Pearl Harbor during the 1941 attack, all you can hear are friggin’ sprayers blasting dirty dishes.

There are ways to fix this, though, and many post-production apps have very powerful tools that can help you reduce the amount of noise in your audio. In this video, Logan Baker of Shutterstock shows you how to do it in Adobe Audition in just minutes. Check it out below:

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