April 27, 2018

This Effect Is Bananas: Learn How to ‘Copy and Paste’ Any Object in Your Scene

Turn a single car into a fleet, a single soldier into an army, or a single banana into a bunch with this sweet effect.

If duplicating objects in real life were as easy as it is in post-production, we’d all have a 100 chairs like Jacqueline White. But even if centuplicating our single-seat furniture will never be achieved in our narrow human reality, it can be in our films if you know how to do a little masking and rotoscoping. In this tutorial, the team over at Film Riot walks you through the steps of “copying and pasting” an object (any object) that appears in your scene and making it look realistic, natural, and friggin’ amazing. Check it out below:

The entire process is too lengthy and intricate for me to summarize here in words, but if you take the time to set yourself up in After Effects and follow along with the tutorial, you shouldn’t have much trouble, especially if you know your way around masking and rotoscoping.

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Source: NoFilmSchool


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