April 29, 2018

3 Key Characteristics of Great Film and Video Editors

Which traits do successful editors possess that help them craft dynamic visual stories?

Editing is an art form that dwells in both the technological side and creative side of filmmaking, which means its craftspeople have to be just as tech savvy as they are artistic. With so many skills and attributes that benefit the craft in different ways, what are some of the more crucial ones that young editors can learn to hone early on? In this short video, editor Roy Schneider gives a basic explanation of what an editor is, but in doing so, provides a pretty solid argument as to why storytelling, instinct, and versatility are some of the most important characteristics in successful editors.

Great editors are a lot of things: they are hardworking, adaptable, and able to nurture a director’s vision while still employing their own expertise in the editing room. However, Schneider touches on three traits in particular that form the foundation of every great editor.

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Source: NoFilmSchool


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