June 29, 2018

At What Age Do Directors Typically Make Their First Feature Film?

Age ain’t nothing but a number, right? Then why is your creative clock ticking more ferociously the older you get?

Alright, gang. It’s time to talk about something that almost all of us have or are or will go through as filmmakers. (And I only use “almost” as to not make sweeping generalizations, but, yeah—all of us). It’s the obsession over how old we’ll be when we make our first feature film. If you’re like me, you wanted to be a friggin’ wunderkind like Orson Welles and make a masterpiece and not even be able to go to the bar afterward to celebrate. If you’re like me, you also blew right past that milestone, settled down, had a couple of kids, and looked at your sullen, aging face in the mirror and wondered if it’s too late for you to become a feature filmmaker. “Am I too old to make a movie?”

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