June 29, 2018

Watch: How the Screenplay For ‘Jurassic Park’ Creates Conflict Amongst Its Characters

Here’s how ‘Jurassic Park’ uses its screenplay to do far more than merely showcase dinosaurs.

Ever since the on-screen introduction of Jurassic Park back in 1993, the franchise’s main attraction has been those pesky dinosaurs and the hijinx they get up to on that island where nothing could possibly go wrong.

But as this video from Michael Tucker and Lessons from the Screenplay illustrates, what’s more important are the way the filmmakers create “interesting characters who are used to explore an important modern theme,” presenting what’s ultimately more than a typical rollercoaster theme park summer movie.

The Theme

Quoting from the superb Into the Woods: A Five-Act Journey into Story by John Yorke, Tucker gives the definition of theme: a theory is posited; an argument explored; a conclusion reached. “That, in a nutshell,” says Tucker, “is what theme is,” continuing, “Subject matter is a static, given. Theme, on the other hand, is an active exploration of an idea.”

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