June 30, 2018

3 Things That Make Quentin Tarantino’s Dialogue So Damn Good

Quentin Tarantino is one of the best at writing dialogue, mostly because he always includes these three storytelling devices.

If you’re a fan of movies with quick-witted, clever dialogue, then Quentin Tarantino is probably high on your list of favorite filmmakers. From Pulp Fiction to The Hateful Eight, the director’s films are well written, funny, and suspenseful, but—they’re also incredibly wordy. But wait, isn’t the standard axiom in cinema “show, don’t tell?” Tarantino is doing a hell of a lot of telling, don’t you think? Well—yeah, that’s true. His films tend to have copious amounts of dialogue, which would mean certain death to other films, however, his always seems to work. Why?

In this video essay, Henry Sharpe of The Closer Look delves into the way Tarantino expertly crafts his dialogue in order to pinpoint the narrative devices he uses to keep the audience entertained, engrossed, and on the edge of their seats. Check it out below:

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