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January 10, 2018

DIY+ Music Releasing, Redefining Careers with Data, and the Alchemy of Jingles: Making & Promoting Music Track Sessions for SXSW 2018

From DIY to big data applications, the Making & Promoting Music Track explores the evolving process of creating and sharing music as it relates to both indie and major artists. Stay ahead of the curve as new technology impacts the music industry with the Making & Promoting Music Track at SXSW in March – check out session recommendations below.

“The Making & Promoting Music Track promotes discussion on unique and innovative ways musicians are recording and releasing music,” says SXSW Programmer Adam Wode. “We want to examine a wide range of creative release strategies that artists of all levels can use to get their music heard by the right audience.”

Explore highlighted topics in the Making & Promoting Music Track like music and the brain, redefining artist’s careers with data, how prosumers become audio engineers, and more. Making & Promoting Music sessions will be held March 13-17 with primary access to Music and Platinum Badges; secondary access to all other badges.

Making & Promoting Music Session Highlights

That Sounds Better

Speaker: Alex Tumay (That Sounds Better Inc.), Chadwick Prima (That Sounds Better Inc.), Vanessa Reilford, and Jason Kingsland

Platinum mix engineer Alex Tumay founded That Sounds Better, a cross country touring lecture series that focuses on engineering for the prosumer in applied practice. Alex will build a professional studio on stage using minimal equipment and do a live professional recording session. This workshop will give engineering students the tools to understand if they need more instruction or if they can save 100k in student loans to be a self-starter. He also speaks to the question: How to get a real job.

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DIY+: A Better Way to Release Music on Your Own

Speakers: Jay Coyle (Music Geek Services), Maggie Vail (Cash Music), Michael Chase (MGM Distribution), and Nicole Poulos (Sideways Media)

This panel will focus on creating success and having options as your business and fan base grows. We will focus on managing and communicating to your fans for fan engagement “best-practices”. We will offer options for distribution and how to make your music available everywhere. We will discuss how to build members of your team properly to replicate what large labels and management firms offer their clients. As your business grows, we will suggest a “check list” for building the right team around.

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Music and the Brain: How Sounds Become Pleasurable

Speakers: VALORIE NILOUFAR SALIMPOOR (Cignition), DOUGLAS ECK (Google), ALAIN DAGHER (Montreal Neurological Institute McGill University), and INDRE VISKONTAS (Cadence, San Francisco Conservatory of Music)

We bring together experts in the field of neurology, psychology, cognitive science, music performance, and machine learning to explore a question that is fundamental to humanity: what makes music pleasurable? We will discuss recent research that shows how the most complex systems of the brain that are unique to humans integrate with the brain’s emotional and reward systems to create intense emotions and feelings of pleasure to music, and demonstrate these findings through musical performances.

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How Artists are Redefining Their Careers with Data

Speaker: ANABELLE ZEE (Next Big Sound at Pandora Media) and JULIEN BENATAR (Next Big Sound at Pandora Media)

Artists have limited resources and unlimited data. That data, without context is meaningless. But with the right context, it can redefine an artist’s career trajectory and inform the right decisions. In this talk, two experts from Next Big Sound at Pandora will walk through groundbreaking artist stage research, previously unreleased peer research and product innovations around automating reporting for artists and their teams.

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Earworms & Triggers: The Alchemy of Branded Music

Speakers: ABBEY HENDRIX (Walker), CHRIS JAMES (Chris James Audio), DAVID NOLTE (Scratch Creative), and REBECCA RIENKS (NBC Entertainment)

“Like a good neighbor, _____ is there.” “The best part of waking up is _____ in your cup.” “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a _____ kid.” Simply reading these catchphrases is enough of a trigger for your brain to remember the melody, the song and – more importantly – the brand in question. How do brands build a music identity that not only sells their products, but also their company objectives? And how are jingles, themes and mnemonics used to induce this sort of Pavlovian response in the audience?

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Making & Promoting Music sessions will be held from March 13-17.

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Crossover Track Recommendations

Venture off the beaten path and learn from SXSW sessions across all 24 Tracks of Conference programming. These recommended sessions are outside of the Making & Promoting Music Track, but are relevant to anyone trying to broaden their musical understanding.

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January 10, 2018

Superorganism, YFN Lucci, Low, Bad Gyal, and 500+ More Showcasing Artists Announced for SXSW 2018

New year, new music! And on that topic, today we announced 500+ Showcasing Artists who will be performing at the SXSW Music Festival, March 12–18, 2018. Every one of you must have had your New Year’s Day black-eyed peas because our latest list features amazing talent from 43 countries around the world.

First off, SXSW is pleased to announce the North American debut of composer Max Richter’s 8-hour masterpiece SLEEP. Recently added Showcasing Artists also include Alamo Record’s producer/rapper Smokepurpp, veteran mellow-rockers Low, Rough Trade signees Goat Girl, up-and-coming Chicano chillwave act Cuco, Australian indie-pop singer Amy Shark, breakout Southern rock band Stop Light Observations, Latin Grammy nominated electronic pop group Centavrvs, and many more.

The Music Festival team are not the only ones who have been busy lately at SXSW HQ lately – we’ve also announced great additions to the Music Tracks at the SXSW Conference. Accomplished music industry executive and Head of Music at YouTube and Google Lyor Cohen will deliver a SXSW Music Keynote, iconic bassist/songwriter Kim Deal will have a conversation with veteran producer/musician Steve Albini, and that just barely scratches the surface! Be sure to take a look at the SXSW Conference Schedule to see everything that’s been announced so far.

Discover Showcasing Artists

500 artists is a lot to dig into and SXSW is around the corner. To help you get the most out of your experience in March, we have some helpful tools of discovery to share with you:

SXSW 2018 Registration Info

Register for a Music Badge to get the most out of your SXSW experience. In addition to hundreds of Official SXSW Showcases, you’ll also gain access to:

  • Primary access to all Music and Convergence Tracks sessions at the SXSW Conference
  • Secondary access to Interactive and Film Tracks sessions at the SXSW Conference
  • Most Film Festival screenings and Comedy Festival events
  • SXSW Social for pre- and post-event networking
  • Most networking events and parties
  • The best available rates when you book your hotel through SXSW Housing & Travel

Newly Announced 2018 SXSW Showcasing Artists

Everything subject to change.

A.CHAL (Los Angeles CA)
Acid Dad (New York NY)
Adahzeh (Kingston JAMAICA)
Adron (Atlanta GA)
Aiming For Enrike (Oslo NORWAY)
Aisha Badru (New York NY)
AJ Tracey (London UK-ENGLAND)
Akina Adderley & The Vintage Playboys (Austin TX)
Aleman (Cabo San Lucas MEXICO)
Alesia Lani (Austin TX)
Alexalone (Austin TX)
Alexander Jean (Los Angeles CA)
Alex Di Leo (Fort Lauderdale FL)
Allman Brown (London UK-ENGLAND)
Alsarah & the Nubatones (Brooklyn NY)
Amy O (Bloomington IN)
Amy Shark (Gold Coast AUSTRALIA)
Andre Cymone (Los Angeles CA)
Andrew Applepie (Berlin GERMANY)
Anna Burch (Detroit MI)
Anna Takeuchi (Kyoto JAPAN)
Annie Hart (New York NY)
A Place to Bury Strangers (Brooklyn NY)
Ashley Koett (Denver CO)
A. Sinclair (Austin TX)
Ask Carol (Oslo NORWAY)
ATASH (Austin TX)
Attractions (Fukuoka JAPAN)
AveParadiso (Guadalajara MEXICO)
Bad Gyal (Barcelona SPAIN)
Balún (Brooklyn NY)
Bambara (Brooklyn NY)
BdotCroc (Minneapolis MN)
Beams (Toronto ON)
BeatKing (Houston TX)
Becca Mancari (Nashville TN)
Belau (Budapest HUNGARY)
Ben Aqua (Austin TX)
Beshken (New York NY)
Bethlehem Steel (Brooklyn NY)
Bifannah (VIGO SPAIN)
Big League (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Big White (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Big Zuu (London UK-ENGLAND)
Billyracxx (Eatonville FL)
Bipolaroid (New Orleans LA)
Blake (San Antonio TX)
Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir (Denver CO)
Blessed (Abbotsford CANADA)
Blue Water Highway (Austin TX)
Bobi Andonov (Melbourne WA)
Boggie (Budapest HUNGARY)
Boniface (Winnipeg CANADA)
Booher (Austin TX)
BP Valenzuela (Manila PHILIPPINES)
Breakfast Muff (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Breanna Barbara (Bradenton FL)
Bri Steves (Philadelphia PA)
Brooke Annibale (Pittsburgh PA)
The Brother Brothers (Brooklyn NY)
Brother Sundance (Nashville TN)
Brownout (Austin TX)
BUHU (Austin TX)
Calan Mai (Gold Coast AUSTRALIA)
Cam (Lafayette CA)
The Canvas People (Austin TX)
Capyac (Austin TX)
Caroline Rose (New York NY)
Carson McHone (Austin TX)
Casper Skulls (Toronto CANADA)
Cassandra Jenkins (New York NY)
Cedric Burnside Project (Holly Springs MS)
Centavrvs (Distrito Federal MEXICO)
Ceschi (New Haven CT)
Chainska Brassika (London UK-ENGLAND)
Childsaint (AUS) (Perth AUSTRALIA)
Chill Russell (Austin TX)
Chloe Foy (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Chris Stamey (Chapel Hill NC)
Chrissy (Chicago IL)
Christaux (Milan ITALY)
Christina Rosenvinge (Madrid SPAIN)
Christopher Rees (Llwynypia UK-WALES)
Christy Hays (Austin TX)
Cicada Rhythm (Athens GA)
CLARA (Los Angeles CA)
Club de Surf (Santiago CHILE)
Club Night (Oakland CA)
COASTCITY (Puerto Rico PR)
Cold Fronts (Philadelphia PA)
Colin Gilmore (Austin TX)
Common Holly (Montreal CANADA)
Cones (Los Angeles CA)
Copeland (Lakeland FL)
Corridor (Montreal CANADA)
Courtney Marie Andrews (Phoenix AZ)
Creepside (San Antonio TX)
Crunk Witch (Presque Isle ME)
Crush (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Cuco (Hawthorne CA)
Culture Wars (Austin TX)
The Cunning (Nashville TN)
Cure For Paranoia (Dallas TX)
Cut Chemist (Los Angeles CA)
Da Chick (Lisboa PORTUGAL)
Daggy Man (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Damien McFly (Padova ITALY)
Dan Lyons (Margate UK-ENGLAND)
Dante Elephante (Los Angeles CA)
Darkbird (Austin TX)
Dawg Yawp (Cincinnati OH)
Dead Leaf Echo (Brooklyn NY)
The Dead South (Regina CANADA)
Deanna Wheeler (Austin TX)
Dear Rouge (Vancouver CANADA)
Death Bells (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Death Hags (Los Angeles CA)
Deezie Brown (Austin TX)
Denis The Night & The Panic Party (Fano ITALY)
Dennis Kalla (Luleå SWEDEN)
De Osos (Mexico City MEXICO)
Derian (Tampico MEXICO)
Dermot Kennedy (Dublin IRELAND)
Dezorah (McAllen TX)
Dick Stusso (Oakland CA)
Didi (Columbus OH)
Distractor (Costa Mesa CA)
Divide And Dissolve (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
DJ Grip (Austin TX)
DJ HALO (Oakland CA)
DJ Jigüe and El Menor (Havana CUBA)
DJ Rosegold (Toronto CANADA)
Doc Daneeka (Swansea UK-WALES)
Domico (Tokyo JAPAN)
DopeKnife (Savannah GA)
Dot (Los Angeles CA)
Double Ferrari (Athens GA)
Dre Prince (Austin TX)
Dressy Bessy (Denver CO)
Duckwrth (Los Angeles CA)
The Dunwells (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Earthgang (Atlanta GA)
Efek Rumah Kaca (Jakarta INDONESIA)
Ehiorobo (Freehold NJ)
Elephant Stone (Montreal CANADA)
El Freaky (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
Elle Exxe (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
Ellevator (Hamilton CANADA)
El Mató A Un Policia Motorizado (La Plata ARGENTINA)
El Tambor de la Tribu (Guatemala City GUATEMALA)
Emily Duff (New York NY)
EmiSunshine (Madisonville TN)
Emma Elisabeth (Berlin GERMANY)
Emme Woods (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Entropica (Santiago CHILE)
Erika Wennerstrom (Austin TX)
España Circo Este (Forlì ITALY)
Estado de Sitio (Lima PERU)
Estúpida Erikah (Barcelona SPAIN)
E-Turn (Orlando FL)
Ex-Girlfriends (Brooklyn NY)
Ezra Collective (London UK-ENGLAND)
Ezra Furman (Chicago IL)
The Fantastic Plastics (Brooklyn NY)
Farao (Ulnes NORWAY)
Farrows (Asbury Park NJ)
Febueder (Ascot UK-ENGLAND)
Fenster (Berlin GERMANY)
field trip (New York NY)
Filipe Catto (Porto Alegre BRAZIL)
Flasher (Washington DC)
Fntxy (Tijuana MEXICO)
Foyone (Malaga SPAIN)
Fragile Rock (Austin TX)
Frank Turner (Winchester UK-ENGLAND)
Freedom Fry (Los Angeles CA)
French Vanilla (Los Angeles CA)
The Frights (San Diego CA)
Frontier Folk Nebraska (Cincinnati OH)
Fruit & Flowers (Brooklyn NY)
Fym Summer (Singapore SINGAPORE)
Gabriel Wolfchild & Northern Light (Seattle WA)
Gabylonia (Caracas VENEZUELA)
Gatecreeper (Phoenix AZ)
Gato Preto (Düsseldorf GERMANY)
Gaz Coombes (Oxford UK-ENGLAND)
Genocide Pact (Washington DC)
The Ghost Wolves (Austin TX)
Gina Chavez (Austin TX)
Girl Ray (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Gloomies (Encinitas CA)
Goat Girl (London UK-ENGLAND)
Go Fever (Austin TX)
Gothic Tropic (Los Angeles CA)
Grace Joyner (Charleston SC)
Gracie and Rachel (Brooklyn NY)
Graham Reynolds (Austin TX)
Graham Reynolds and the Golden Arm Trio (Austin TX)
The Grahams (Nashville TN)
Grupo Fantasma (Austin TX)
Guantanamo Baywatch (Portland OR)
Gus Dapperton (New York NY)
G Yamazawa (Durham NC)
Haex (Los Angeles CA)
Hajk (Oslo NORWAY)
Hannah Eggen (Southampton BERMUDA)
Hardy Caprio (London UK-ENGLAND)
Harpooner (Nashville TN)
Harry Pane (Northamptonshire UK-ENGLAND)
Heartstreets (Montreal CANADA)
Hembree (Kansas City MO)
Hety And Zambo (San Andres Island COLOMBIA)
High Waisted (New York NY)
Himalayas (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Hinds (Madrid SPAIN)
Holy Bouncer (Barcelona SPAIN)
Holy Boy (Los Angeles CA)
Hot Flash Heat Wave (San Francisco CA)
Hugo “Poyo” Segovia (Monterrey MEXICO)
Hunter Sharpe (Austin TX)
Hypoluxo (Brooklyn NY)
Hyukoh (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
IAN SWEET (Los Angeles CA)
II Tone (Memphis TN)
Indrajit Banerjee (Austin TX)
Invoke (Austin TX)
Ismael Ayende (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
J.I.D (Atlanta GA)
The Jackson Pollock (Bologna ITALY)
JadaL (Amman JORDAN)
Jade Bird (Smallfield UK-ENGLAND)
Jade Jackson (Santa Margarita CA)
Jaguwar (Dresden GERMANY)
Jaimee Harris (Austin TX)
Jake Lloyd (Austin TX)
Jared & the Mill (Phoenix AZ)
Jazzy Amra (Bronx NY)
Jean Caffeine (Austin TX)
Jeff Plankenhorn (Austin TX)
Joan Thiele (Desenzano del Garda ITALY)
Johanna Warren (Portland OR)
John Craigie (Portland OR)
John Moods (Berlin GERMANY)
Jonathan Tyler (Nashville TN)
Jon Dee Graham (Austin TX)
Jon Langford’s Four Lost Souls (Chicago IL)
Jonny 8 Track (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Joshua Hedley (Nashville TN)
Jóvenes Adultos (Mexico City MEXICO)
Juan de Fuca (Athens GA)
Juan Ingaramo (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Juanita Stein (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Juiceboxxx (Milwaukee WI)
Julietta (New York NY)
Junglepussy (New York NY)
Junior Flexwell (Austin TX)
Justin Michael Williams (Los Angeles CA)
Kalu & The Electric Joint (Austin TX)
Kamau Kenyatte (New York NY)
KANGA (Los Angeles CA)
Kate Auringer (Denton TX)
Kathryn Legendre (Austin TX)
Kelly Willis (Austin TX)
Kenny Allstar (London UK-ENGLAND)
Kenny Gee (Austin TX)
Kevin Krauter (Indianapolis IN)
Kiho (Otaru JAPAN)
Kimokal (Jakarta INDONESIA)
Kings of the beach (Vigo SPAIN)
Kosha Dillz (Perth Amboy NJ)
The Kraken Quartet (Austin TX)
Kraus (New York NY)
The Krickets (Port St Joe FL)
Kristoff Krane (Minneapolis MN)
LaBaq (São Paulo BRAZIL)
La Cafetera Roja (Paulhaguet FRANCE)
La Etnnia (Bogota COLOMBIA)
La Fragua Band (Medellín COLOMBIA)
Lali Puna (Munich GERMANY)
La Luz (Los Angeles CA)
LANNDS (Jacksonville FL)
La Orquesta Vulgar (Mexico City MEXICO)
Las Diferencias (Caseros ARGENTINA)
Le Couleur (Montreal CANADA)
Le Galaxie (Dublin IRELAND)
The Lemons (Ulaanbaatar MONGOLIA)
Leni Stern (New York NY)
Lil Wop (Chicago IL)
Lime Cordiale (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Line Upon Line Percussion (Austin TX)
Lisa LeBlanc (Montreal CANADA)
Living Hour (Winnipeg CANADA)
Lola Kirke (New York NY)
LOLA Local Opera Local Artists (Austin TX)
Lola Marsh (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Lomelda (Silsbee TX)
Lo Moon (Los Angeles CA)
Look Vibrant (Montreal CANADA)
Lorine Chia (Bamenda CAMEROON)
The Lost Brothers (Dublin IRELAND)
Lovelytheband (Los Angeles CA)
Low (Duluth MN)
Löwin (Austin TX)
Loyal Lobos (Los Angeles CA)
Lung (Cincinnati OH)
Madison McFerrin (New York NY)
Magna Carda (Austin TX)
Maiah Manser (Los Angeles CA)
Mala Bengala (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
Mama Duke (Austin TX)
MANEKA (Brooklyn NY)
Margo Sanda (Brescia ITALY)
The Marías (Los Angeles CA)
Marshmallow Coast (Athens GA)
Marty O’Reilly (Santa Cruz CA)
Mattiel (Atlanta GA)
Mauno (Halifax CANADA)
Max Richter (London UK-ENGLAND)
Meanswell (Austin TX)
Mejor Actor De Reparto (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Melenas (Pamplona SPAIN)
Melymel (Santo Domingo DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)
Michael Rault (Montreal CANADA)
Mika Shinno (Tokyo JAPAN)
MIKNNA (Los Angeles CA)
Mobley (Austin TX)
The Molochs (Los Angeles CA)
Mondragon (Mexico City MEXICO)
The Money War (Perth WA)
Monte Warden and The Dangerous Few (Austin TX)
Moodie Black (Minneapolis MN)
Moonbeau (Cincinnati OH)
Moonlight Breakfast (Bucharest ROMANIA)
Moonwalks (Detroit MI)
morgxn (Nashville TN)
Mother Falcon (Austin TX)
Moving Panoramas (Austin TX)
Mr.Kitty (Austin TX)
Mr. Lewis and The Funeral 5 (Austin TX)
Mr Little Jeans (Los Angeles CA)
Mt. Joy (Philadelphia PA)
Muntchako (Brasília BRAZIL)
NADINE (Minneapolis MN)
Naked Giants (Seattle WA)
Nakury (San Pedro COSTA RICA)
Nassau (Brooklyn NY)
The National Reserve (Brooklyn NY)
Nation of Language (Brooklyn NY)
Navy Gangs (Brooklyn NY)
Neuman (Granada SPAIN)
New Fame (Da Nang VIETNAM)
NHD – Nourallah Harvey Dezen (Dallas TX)
The Nightowls (Austin TX)
Nina Nesbitt (London UK-ENGLAND)
NoMBe (Los Angeles, CA)
Non M’importa Della Luna (Santiago CHILE)
nothing,nowhere. (Boston MA)
NO WIN (Los Angeles CA)
Numb.er (Los Angeles CA)
NVDES (Los Angeles CA)
Oak House (Athens GA)
Obliques (New York NY)
Oliver Riot (Los Angeles CA)
Omni (Atlanta GA)
Ona (Huntington WV)
Ori Dagan (Toronto CANADA)
Ought (Montreal CANADA)
Pale Waves (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Palo Duro (Austin TX)
Papachina (Armenia COLOMBIA)
Papisa (São Paulo BRAZIL)
Parrot Dream (Brooklyn NY)
Particle Devotion (Baton Rouge LA)
Part Time (San Francisco CA)
Paul Cauthen (Tyler TX)
Pearl Charles (Los Angeles CA)
Perel (Berlin GERMANY)
Peterson Brothers (Bastrop TX)
Pierre Kwenders (Montreal CANADA)
Pink Mexico (Brooklyn NY)
Pink Milk (Gothenburg SWEDEN)
Pixel Grip (Chicago IL)
Pkew Pkew Pkew (Toronto CANADA)
Planet Booty (Oakland CA)
P Montana (London UK-ENGLAND)
Pneuma (San Jose COSTA RICA)
Popstitute (Medellin COLOMBIA)
Post Animal (Chicago IL)
Prairie WWWW (Taipei TAIWAN)
The President Lincoln (London UK-ENGLAND)
Pretty City (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Prinz Grizzley and his Beargaroos (Egg AUSTRIA)
Promiseland (New York NY)
Public Access T.V. (New York NY)
Qais Essar (Phoenix AZ)
Queen Moo (East Hartford CT)
Quiet Kids (McAllen TX)
Quin NFN (Austin TX)
Quique Escamilla (Toronto CANADA)
Rachele Andrioli e Rocco Nigro (Lecce ITALY)
Rachel K Collier (Swansea UK-WALES)
Ramesh (Austin TX)
Ramirez Exposure (Valencia SPAIN)
Range Emotion (Austin TX)
Reg Bloor (New York NY)
Residual Kid (Austin TX)
The Resonars (Tucson AZ)
Revolver Plateado (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
Rev. Sekou (St Louis MO)
Rhys Lewis (London UK-ENGLAND)
Riley (New York NY)
Roberta Campos (São Paulo BRAZIL)
Rob Gullatte (Houston TX)
Rome Is Not A Town (Gothenburg SWEDEN)
Royal Teeth (New Orleans LA)
The RPMs (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Ruby Boots (Perth WA)
Rude-α (Setagaya-ku JAPAN)
SadGirl (Los Angeles CA)
Said The Whale (Vancouver CANADA)
Saintseneca (Columbus OH)
Saint Sister (Dublin IRELAND)
Sangat! (Karachi PAKISTAN)
Sarah Shook & The Disarmers (Chapel Hill NC)
Scenic Route to Alaska (Edmonton CANADA)
Scott Collins (Austin TX)
Scott H. Biram (Austin TX)
Sea Moya (Mannheim GERMANY)
Season to Risk (Kansas City MO)
Seis Pistos (Chihuahua MEXICO)
The Shacks (New York NY)
Shell of a Shell (Nashville TN)
She Sir (Austin TX)
ShitKid (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Sie Lieben Maschinen (Kansas City MO)
Single Lash (Austin TX)
SISTERS (Seattle WA)
Sixo (Dallas TX)
Skinny Lister (Greenwich UK-ENGLAND)
Skyway Man (Nashville TN)
Sloppy Jane (Brooklyn NY)
The Sloths (Hollywood CA)
Slow Caves (Fort Collins CO)
Slum Sociable (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Smokepurpp (Miami FL)
Smokey Brights (Seattle WA)
Soccer Mommy (Nashville TN)
Soda Lilies (Austin TX)
The Soft White Sixties (Los Angeles CA)
Some Kind of Animal (Pittsburgh PA)
Son Little (Philadelphia PA)
SoundMass (Austin TX)
Soweto Kinch (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND)
Spinning Coin (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Spirit Adrift (Phoenix AZ)
Sports (Tulsa OK)
Sputnik (Mexico City MEXICO)
Stars and Rabbit (Yogyakarta INDONESIA)
Step Rockets (Minneapolis MN)
Stop Light Observations (Charleston SC)
Strawberry Runners (Redding CT)
Strvngers (Edmonton CANADA)
The Strypes (Cavan IRELAND)
Summer Heart (Malmö SWEDEN)
Summer Salt (Austin TX)
Sunflower Bean (New York NY)
Sun Voyager (New York NY)
Supa Bwe (Chicago IL)
Superbody (Chattanooga TN)
Super Doppler (Norfolk VA)
Superorganism (London UK-ENGLAND)
SUR (Los Angeles CA)
SYML (Issaquah WA)
Tagore (Recife BRAZIL)
Tameca Jones (Austin TX)
Tan Frío el Verano (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Tangina Stone (Brooklyn NY)
Tasha the Amazon (Toronto CANADA)
Tayla Parx (Dallas TX)
The Teeta (Austin TX)
Terence Ryan (Pembroke MA)
Thee Conductor (Austin TX)
THICK (Brooklyn NY)
Tijuana Bibles (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Tim Atlas (San Jose CA)
Tiny Ruins (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Tita Lima (Los Angeles CA)
TOMKAT (Denton TX)
Tone Stith (New Jersey NJ)
Tracy Bryant (Los Angeles CA)
Tristen (Nashville TN)
Trophy Dad (Madison WI)
Trupa Trupa (Gdańsk POLAND)
Tunde Olaniran (Flint MI)
Tuomo & Markus (Helsinki FINLAND)
Twain (Franklin County VA)
Tyler Childers (Louisa KY)
U.S. Girls (Toronto CANADA)
Us, Today (Cincinnati OH)
Uzuhan (Atlanta GA)
Valley Queen (Los Angeles CA)
The Veldt (Raleigh NC)
Violet Days (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Von Grey (Atlanta GA)
VZn (Jersey City NJ)
Waco Brothers (Chicago IL)
Wake Island (Montreal CANADA)
Washer (Brooklyn NY)
Wavie Gang (Milwaukee WI)
Weird Bloom (Rome ITALY)
Welles (Nashville TN)
Wentru (Antofagasta CHILE)
We Were the States (Nashville TN)
Wifisfuneral (Palm Beach FL)
Wilderado (Los Angeles CA)
Wild Moccasins (Houston TX)
The Wild Now (Austin TX)
Willie Heath Neal (Atlanta GA)
Will Stewart (Birmingham AL)
Wire Spine (Vancouver CANADA)
Wood & Wire (Austin TX)
World Brain (Berlin GERMANY)
WRONG (Miami FL)
Wyclef Jean (Saddle River NJ)
Wyldest (London UK-ENGLAND)
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan (Toronto CANADA)
Yazan (Brooklyn NY)
The Yellow Traffic Light (Turin ITALY)
YFN Lucci (Summerhill GA)
Yoga Fire (Mexico City MEXICO)
Young Jesus (Los Angeles CA)
The Young Step (St. Augustine FL)
Yxng Bane (London UK-ENGLAND)
Zen Bamboo (Montréal CANADA)
Zeshan B (Chicago IL)
Zoey Dollaz (Miami FL)
Zoology (Kelowna CANADA)
Zuli (Long Island NY)

Explore 2018 Music Festival Lineup

Everything subject to change.

Photo credits, clockwise from top left:
MINT FIELD – Photo by María Fernanda Molins
COASTCITY – Victor Prieto
SMOKEPURPP – Photo courtesy of the artist
Sunflower Bean – Photo by Andy Deluca
Fenster – Photo by Simon Menges
Bad Gyal – Photo by Pablo Alzaga

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January 10, 2018

Introducing the Hasselblad Masters Award 2018

Introducing the Hasselblad Masters Award 2018

The kind folks from Hasselblad are starting the new year strong by introducing their Master Awards of 2018. Divided in many different categories like Aerial, Architecture, Art, Beauty & Fashion and more. Sit back and witness captivating/gripping photography from creators (now masters and ambassadors for Hasselblad) coming from all over the Globe. Let’s join their celebration for their most prestigious master awards. In case you have missed our review of the Hasselblad X1D, check it out now on ABDZ.

In their words

The Hasselblad Masters is widely acclaimed as one of the world’s most prestigious professional photography competitions. The winners were selected by a combination of a public vote and a professional Masters Jury – comprising internationally renowned photographers and imaging experts.

Every Hasselblad Masters award winner will hold the title of ‘Hasselblad Master’ and be a brand ambassador for two years. In addition, they will receive a brand new Hasselblad medium format camera and be invited to shoot for a collaborative project with Hasselblad. This project will be printed and released in the bi-annual Hasselblad Masters book.

More Links

The Hasselblad Masters 2018

Aerial Category Winner | Jorge De La Torriente

Introducing the Hasselblad Masters Award 2018Miami, USA

Architecture Category Winner | Kamilla Hanapova

Introducing the Hasselblad Masters Award 2018St. Peterburg, Russia

Art Category Winner | Maria Svarbova

Introducing the Hasselblad Masters Award 2018Bratislava, Slovakia

Beauty & Fashion Category Winner | Michal Baran

Introducing the Hasselblad Masters Award 2018Trim, Ireland

Landscape Category Winner | Benjamin Everett

Introducing the Hasselblad Masters Award 2018Lopez Island, USA

Portrait Category Winner | Tina Signesdottir Hult

Introducing the Hasselblad Masters Award 2018Torvastad, Norway

Product Category Winner | Marcin Gizycki

Introducing the Hasselblad Masters Award 2018Warszawa, Poland

Project//21 Category Winner | Nabil Rosman

Introducing the Hasselblad Masters Award 2018Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Street/Urban Category Winner | Ben Thomas

Introducing the Hasselblad Masters Award 2018Kyneton, Australia

Wedding Category Winner | Victor Hamke

Introducing the Hasselblad Masters Award 2018Leipzig, Germany

Wildlife Category Winner | Karim Iliya

Introducing the Hasselblad Masters Award 2018Haiku, USA

Hasselblad Masters 2018 Jury

  • Tom Oldham – Photographer>
  • Ali Rajabi – Past Master
  • Martin Hausler – PhotographerKatrina Belkina – Past Master
  • Swee Oh – Past Master
  • Lars van de Goor – Past Master
  • Tim Flach – Photographer
  • Kevin Then – Photographer
  • Bara Prasilova – Past Master
  • Damien Demolder – Journalist
  • Blair Bunting – Photographer
  • Hans van Ommeren – Past Master
  • Mads Nissen – Photographer
  • Kevin Raber – Journalist

It really struck me how progressive many of the entries were this year and how far the entrants were willing to push the brief. These were the photographers who caught my eye – the ballsy, out-there risk-takers who make compelling pictures that refuse to be ignored. I’m proud to have helped to get this great kit into their hands – their images deserve it. – Tom Oldham

Jan 10, 2018

Source: Abduzeedo Photography

January 9, 2018

Chiclets, Never Gets Old! Campaign by Amro Thabit

Chiclets, Never Gets Old! Campaign by Amro Thabit

Chiclets, the candy-coated gum brought to us by the Cadbury company, brings back such great memories and flavors of my youth so when I stumbled upon this latest work for Chiclet by Cairo based Amro Thabit I just had to share. Introduced in 1900, this iconic gum is still distributed in limited supply across the globe. We’re hoping Amro’s work puts the brand back on the map in a bigger way for today’s youth to appreciate. Scoop more on the project and corresponding work below. 


CHICLETS, NEVER GETS OLD! chiclets has always had a place on every shelf; here, there & everywhere. the true definition of an all-time classic.. chiclets decided to embrace a young spirit sticking to its old soul. now targeting the younger generation, a more vibrant package design was born. by turning chiclets iconic half-circle into five different mouth-shaped designs. Inspired by the originality of the older packs, i took the existing undefined shape and transformed it into a mouth.To bring this further, i injected modern & personalized elements, giving the new packs a retro look; a look appreciated by teens. i gave each of the five flavors a personality, a distinct character, using differentiating colors & elements such as piercing, mustache, braces… The five packs are not only visually distinct; each one a character that is reflected by their look & speech. The one trait they all have in common is a sense of humor.







Jan 09, 2018

Source: Abduzeedo Illustration

January 9, 2018

The Blockchain Rises – 2018 SXSW Programming Trends

Each year, different trends emerge from SXSW programming and act as identifiers for where we’re at and where we’re headed. From the 12 significant trends identified by the SXSW Programming Team for the 2018 event, The Blockchain Rises explores how blockchain technology is poised to change the world of business, disrupting an array of industries including finance, healthcare, government, music, film, and more. Get to know this trend and related-SXSW sessions below that we think will dominate discussions this March.

The Blockchain Rises Trend

Blockchain technology at its core provides a transparent platform on which global transaction data is registered. The technology itself is growing increasingly more mainstream by the day as the price of Bitcoin, and other digital currencies which rely on blockchain technology, continue to skyrocket. The incredible volatility of the digital currency market has caught the attention of banks, entrepreneurs, investors, and spectators alike. The broad decentralization of data could become the next iteration of the Internet.

During SXSW 2018 sessions related to blockchain technology, hear from Joseph Lubin, founder of ConsenSys and co-founder of the crypto-currency Ethereum, during Why Ethereum Is Going to Change the World to learn about his vision for a decentralized future enabled by blockchain technology. Dive into how “programmable money” can be used to create new incentives within economic systems during Bitcoin and the New World of Programmable Money, and hear from Dominik Schiener, co-founder of IOTA Foundation, in the session Building a Machine Economy with IOTA.

New for 2018, SXSW will present a series of sessions on blockchain technology from March 14-15. Explore how blockchain technology has the potential to impact global economic systems during two full days of programming from the Startup & Tech Sectors Track.

If you’re a blockchain enthusiast, or already in the industry, be sure to add these sessions to your SXSW 2018 schedule and stay tuned for more programming announcements through March.

Blockchain Session Highlights

Join Us for SXSW 2018

The SXSW Conference includes 24 programming tracks divided amongst Interactive, Film, Music, and Convergence. Each March, some of the world’s most creative minds come together in Austin, Texas to discover, learn, network, brainstorm and collaborate.

Explore new opportunities during 10 days of sessions, screenings, showcases, exhibitions, networking, and beyond from March 9-18 at SXSW 2018. Save big when you register to attend before Friday, January 12 at 11:59pm PT.

SXSW registrants get access to SXSW hotels at the lowest rates available by making reservations through SXSW Housing & Travel. Visit our availability page and then book your stay today to save.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SXSW News for the latest SXSW coverage, announcements, and updates.

Teaser photo by Cruz Mendez

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January 9, 2018

Alternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl Fitzgerald

Alternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl Fitzgerald

Who doesn’t love movie posters! It’s generally rare to stumble across a movie poster that you would appreciate the overall design enough. They are usually too corny with flame radiant effects coming from everywhere and big bold fonts. You know what I mean, see this link. On the other hand, we are taking a look at the alternate movie poster concepts by Karl Fitzgerald. He is a freelance illustrator based in London, UK. Taking a closer of his work, you will find a beautiful mixture of indeed textures and I love the fact that you don’t necessarily see the faces from the actors or actresses playing in the movie. It just keeps a cool mystery vibe, what do you think?

More Links

Alternate Movie Poster Concepts

Alternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl FitzgeraldAlternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl Fitzgerald


Jan 09, 2018

Source: Abduzeedo Illustration

January 9, 2018

Window Seat – The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking by Julieanne Kost

Window Seat – The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking by Julieanne Kost


If you share the same curious eye as famed photographer Julieanne Kost you’ll love these beautiful photographs she’s captured over the past 15 years traveling on commercial flights in the prized window seat. Kost is an accomplished photographer and fine artist based in a San Jose, California with an immense talent for capturing abstract forms and thought-provoking landscapes. We’re excited to celebrate her most recent shots from her travels throughout California, Utah and as far flung as Australia below. Kost’s book “Window Seat – The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking” is available via hard copy as well as well as an updated iBook. Also be sure to check out more of her surreal and stunning portfolio here. A big thanks to Julieanne for reminding us all to look out that window on our next flight to appreciate the art, beauty and inspiration all around us. 



Named one of Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business,” Julieanne Kost is a Principal Evangelist at Adobe Systems, responsible for fostering relationships with customers through meaningful and inspirational Photoshop and Lightroom instruction. As a highly sought-after speaker for the industry-standard Digital Imaging franchise, she devises and presents motivating and educational training sessions, sharing original techniques and tutorials worldwide — via live events, Adobe.com, her own website (jkost.com) and blog (blogs.adobe.com/jkost). She is also the author of “Passenger Seat—Creating a Photographic Project from Conception Through Execution in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” and “Window Seat — The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking”, an accomplished photographer and fine artist, and creator and host of the popular Photoshop CC Essential Training, Adobe Camera Raw Essential Training, and the Art of Photoshop Compositing for LinkedIn Learning | Lynda.com.


Jan 09, 2018

Source: Abduzeedo Photography

January 8, 2018

Emoticulture, Cannabis, and Mobile Ecommerce: Brands & Marketing Track Sessions for SXSW 2018

From conversational storytelling to reaching emerging economies and beyond, sessions in our Brands & Marketing Track explore the constantly evolving world and work of agencies and their clients. Delve into new ways marketing professionals are creating and communicating new ideas by sampling what’s in store for the Brands & Marketing Track this SXSW with our session recommendations below.

“In an age where everyone has a personal brand to consider,” says SXSW Programmer Miranda Wylie, “the Brands & Marketing Track will offer unique perspectives on developing an authentic voice, collaborating for social good, the importance on taking a political stand, and executing a purpose-driven marketing strategy that can capture an audience quickly.”

“Social media makes for an easy and accessible mode of self-expression,” says Wylie expanding upon the session #NSFW: Feminist Artists on Sex & Digital Identity. “Selfie stick in hand, women are creating art, identities, and creative content that center themselves as the subject, no longer passive objects of desire.” On another session related to self-expression and media, How Gender Fluidity Recasts Brand Engagement, Wylie adds, “the rise of social media has also made for a growing understanding of the varying expressions of gender identity.”

Journey further into the world of the Brands & Marketing Track as we highlight sessions covering social media privacy, gender identity, the U.S. legal cannabis industry, Facebook’s take on mobile ecommerce, and more. Brands & Marketing sessions will be held at the Fairmont Hotel from March 10-15 with primary access to Interactive and Platinum Badges; secondary access to all other badges.

Brands & Marketing Session Highlights

Emoticulture: How Data & Science Create Happiness

Speakers: Marcus Collins (Doner) and Saleem Alhabash (Michigan State University)

It is hard to resist the urge to smile, but the propensity to smile is complex – determined by our surroundings, social training, conscious and unconscious. From Disney amusement parks to Coca-Cola, brands have been creating smiles for decades, but few have mastered the art of creating desired emotional outcomes through digital engagement. Uncover how Doner partnered with Michigan State University to combine data and science to create more happiness in the world.

Add to Your Schedule

Hurry Up: High Times Are Here

Speakers: Faith Popcorn (Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve), Jeffrey Finkle (ARC Angel Fund), Jennifer Kaplan (Bloomberg LP), Chris Emerson PhD (Level)

The U.S. legal cannabis industry will boom to $50 billion in the next decade, more than eight times its current size. It will reinvent the consumer landscape and many of our familiar products and services. Will Prozac and beer still exist when weed is in the mix? Our panel of experts, including futurist Faith Popcorn, venture capitalist Jeffrey Finkle, and a Fortune 500 brand marketer, will share the seismic shifts ahead, the unforeseen obstacles, and the opportunities to make it big.

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#NSFW: Feminist Artists on Sex & Digital Identity

Speakers: Leah Schrager (Artist) and Lena Chen (Femina Non Grata)

As social media expands the possibilities for self-expression, a new generation of women artists are using the Internet and images of their own bodies to construct elaborate online personas as artistic projects. Unapologetically sexual and frequently censored, their work challenges the role of women as passive objects of desire. Straddling the line between art and autobiography, the artists tackle topics such as celebrity and trauma while engaging public audiences beyond the commercial art world.

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How Gender Fluidity Recasts Brand Engagement

Speakers: Angela Yang (T3), Shane Whalley (University of Texas), Chelsea Hostetter (Goodpatch) and Andy Bossley (IBM)

The changing norms of gender identity and expression and the cultural, legal, and political implications have become heated conversations around the country. How should brands consider gender-expansive audiences as they create new products, services, and communications? Our panelists will discuss new ways of thinking about brand engagement strategy, design, and targeting for non-normative markets and changing attitudes on gender.

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Facebook IQ: The 5 Consumer Shifts Shaping 2020

Speakers: Ann Mack (Facebook), Tomá Beczak (Facebook)

By the year 2020, more people will have mobile devices than running water or electricity at home, mobile will generate half of U.S. ecommerce and 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human. But if you know where to look, you can find the future all around you, right now — from how people use messaging apps in Southeast Asia to mobile payments in Sub-Saharan Africa. Join Facebook IQ to learn which of these shifts you can leverage for relevance and success tomorrow.

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Browse All Brands & Marketing Sessions

Crossover Track Recommendations

Jump out of your area of focus and try out SXSW sessions across all 24 Tracks of Conference programming. While the following selected sessions are outside of the Brands & Marketing Track, these topics organically envelop more than one featured industry providing a bonus learning and networking opportunity that you’ll only find at SXSW.

<!–[if lte IE 8]>

<![endif]–>Reserve My Platinum Badge for SXSW 2018 hbspt.cta.load(558236, ‘fa624deb-695d-4287-912b-3d53ae2cd965’, {});

Purchase your SXSW Badge and book your hotel today to experience these sessions along with 10 days of screenings, showcases, exhibitions, networking, and more this March 9-18 in Austin, TX. Take the Tracks Quiz to discover which badge fits your needs.

Already have your badge? Learn how to upgrade to Platinum for primary access to all of SXSW and then begin building your 2018 SXSW Schedule.

Stay tuned to SXSW News and Twitter for more highlights from Conference Tracks and continued coverage of SXSW 2018.

Teaser Photo by Sean Kennedy

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January 8, 2018

Super Easy Neon Effect – Photoshop Tutorial Revisited

Super Easy Neon Effect – Photoshop Tutorial Revisited

Another year, it’s our 11th here over at Abduzeedo land and we cannot believe it’s been already over a decade. We started as an inspiration and tutorials website, especially Photoshop tutorial. Looking back it’s crazy to think that we created and shared hundreds of tutorials on how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, Pixelmator and other tools. For this year I decided to revisit some of the most popular ones to see what could be improved. So to kick things off  I’d like to share a simple way to create a neon light effect in Photoshop. It’s very simple and the result is even better than the previous one. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what effect should we do next.

Photoshop tutorial

Step 1

Start with a simple layer and with Layer Styles add a radial gradient. The colors here are quite important because they will define the level of realism of your design. It cannot be too saturated or too dark, otherwise the Color Dodge effect won’t work. I am using #303e4a for the light blue and #151515 for the dark grey.

Step 2

Import the logo you want to use. I am using the outine version of the Abduzeedo logo. Here’s another important thing, the thickness of the outline/stroke will affect the realism as well.

Step 3

Now the Layer Style. Quite a few, but important things changed to Layer Style since I wrote the Neon tutorial more than 5 years ago. The most important thing for me is that you can have multiple styles, for example, you can have more than one Drop Shadow or Inner Shadow. That’s definitely super useful for light effects like this.

The first thing to do is to add a Color Overlay and use white for the color. If you look at how neon works, pretty much the center of the tube is very white and the color gets more visible on the edges. That’s what we will try to replicate.

Step 4

So for the Bevel & Emboss. This part is just to give the glass look to our form. It’s not really necessary if you look at how neon lights work, but again, it gives some more depth. Below you can see the values.

Step 5

The Inner Shadow will start giving the realism we want. The Color Overlay we use is the color we want our neon light to be. I am using a nice Cyan color.

Step 6

The Inner Glow is the same thing, it wil reinforce the blend of the blue with the white. Below you can see the values.

Step 7

The Outer Glow will create the light effect or how the light interact with the background and other objects. You can see that I am using the maximum size and Overlay for the Blend Mode with the same cyan color I want the light effect to be.

Step 8

The drop shadows will create the blend of lights. You can achieve that by using Vivid Light or Color Dodge. I am using 2 Drop Shadows. The first one will behave like an outer glow and the second one will be the light that gets reflected on the background. It will be a bit below or above depending on the angle you want people to see the logo.

Step 9

Here’s the initial result with simple Layer Style

Step 10

Now let’s add a concrete texture for the background. That will dark things up a little bit.

Step 11

Here you can add some little elements, like screws, wires. It’s fairly simple and they don’t require too much detail.

Step 12

To connect the neon with the wire we need to add some elements to create this idea that the neon is a bit far from the wall. I just used a rectangle with Layer Style as you can see below.


There are 2 more important things that you can do to make it look awesome. After you finish your design, select all layers and duplicate them. Right after merge thoses in one layer and go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Use something over 20. Duplicate this layer. You will have 2 layers, make the one below to have Overlay for the Blend Mode and the one on Top Screen @50% opacity. That will create a super cool glow effect.

Your design is done you can now repilcate that for other projects and even save it as a style.

Download Photoshop File

Click here to download the Photoshop file used for this tutorial

Jan 08, 2018

Source: Abduzeedo Tutorials

January 7, 2018

ABDZ Photo Challenge (It’s back!): This month’s hashtag #abdz_inspiring

ABDZ Photo Challenge (It’s back!): This month’s hashtag #abdz_inspiring

After getting a lot of requests we are bringing back the ABDZ Photo Challenge. For those who doesn’t know what is the ABDZ Photo Challenge. It’s a photo challenge purely for fun and somehow to help you improve your photography or mobile photography skills. After a few trials in the past, we decided to run the challenge for one month now (instead of one week like it was before). Also, the best picture for this month’s challenge will win their own starter kit from Moment including the Photo Case, a Lens, and a Nylon Wrist Strap. Let’s start this year on a high note!

ABDZ Photo Challenge (It's back!): This month's hashtag #abdz_inspiringStarter kit from Moment (Photo Case, Lens and Nylon Wrist Strap)

For this month, we are moving forward with the hashtag: –> #abdz_inspiring. This month’s challenge is all about the new year, capturing pictures of people, places and/or little things that inspire your day-to-day. From a casual Sunday to your weekly commute, take us on a ride around the World so we can explore your own vision of inspiration. We can’t wait to see you what will be creating.

Challenge Rules

  • All pictures must be submitted by February 5th, 2017
  • Each week, we will feature a series hand-picked from the submissions on Instagram
  • At the end of the ABDZ Photo Challenge, we will select the best picture who will be taking home their own starter kit from Moment (Photo Case , Lens and Nylon Wrist Strap)
  • For your pictures, use the hashtags #abdz_inspiring or/and/with #abdzphotochallenge.

More Links

Inspiration from Eric Cheung‘s Instagram

Jan 07, 2018

Source: Abduzeedo Photography