Spring 2022: Meet the Staff!

Lydia Yawn Editor-in-Chief lryawn@valdosta.edu Classification: Senior Major: English Creative Writing Pronouns: She/her and They/Them My name is Lydia Yawn. I like spooky stuff, small animals, and comic books, and my dream is to get my doctorate in creative writing and become a teacher. “I believe horses are from outer space” – Nick Miller from New Continue reading

Spring 2021: Meet the Staff

Roshi Patel Editor-in-Chiefropatel@valdosta.eduClassification: SeniorMajor: EnglishAll anyone needs to know about me is that I love to read YA, I’m always willing to fight, and that I love my dog, Moose, to death. Anything else is too much information.“Where there was celebration, there was food, and where there was food, there was my happy place.” from Continue reading