2016 Updates: Our Team Pages and Directory Profiles

The 2016 redesign of the main Valdosta State website introduced a revamped Our Team template for department sites, as well as brand new directory profiles. The two are related since Our Team pages provide the data for the individual profiles. In this post we’re going to go over how they work together and how departments can fully utilize them going forward.

Cards and Directory Profiles

Cards on the Our Team template

2016 Our Team page with profile cards.
2016 Our Team page with profile cards.

The new Our Team template features a “card” for each person who has information entered for a detailed profile in the page. The card will display info entered for the NameShort Title (new field), Office Phone NumberVSU E-Mail Address, and Profile Image fields.

Directory profiles

A directory profile page.
A directory profile page.

Directory profiles make use of all of the information entered in for detailed profiles (with the exception of the Short Title field). A profile is accessible via clicking a profile card on an Our Team page or through searching the campus directory.

Making edits and publishing time

This version of the Our Team page is maintained in Cascade Server like previous versions. Each department should have an Our Team page in place that their Cascade site editor can make updates to. Many of the fields are the same, with the addition of the Short Title and Brief Biography fields.

Publishing out the Our Team page itself is as quick as hitting the Publish tab in Cascade. The profile cards and basic profiles (listed under the cards if used) will update once the page is published.

However changes to data that displays on an individual’s profile page do not show up until the next day. These changes are imported nightly and are used to compile each person’s individual page.

Profile Images

Faculty and staff can contact our university photographer Paul Leavy to schedule a time to have a profile picture taken in the studio. Department Cascade editors can work with Web Services to upload and place professional head shot images into profiles.

What if I have more than one Our Team profile in Cascade?

In some cases a faculty or staff member may have more than one profile entry on separate Our Team pages in Cascade. It’s important to note that only one directory profile can be linked to. An entry created in the system on a second Our Team page will link to the original or first directory profile created. This is the only profile that is accessible via Our Team pages or through the campus directory search.

The only information that will be unique to that second entry will be what displays on the profile card itself.

With this in mind, some individuals may prefer that their “main” profile should be switched to a secondary entry. They can contact Web Services to request which profile should be the “main” profile.

We’re open to ideas

Website development and improvement is an on going process, and the Our Team template is no exception. We’re open to ideas from faculty and staff regarding what we can do to improve Our Team pages going forward. Please leave a comment below or contact us via email (webservices@valdosta.edu) with your suggestions.

Department Site Template Updates

This week we rolled out updates for most department site templates on the main website. Changes in the update include:

  • Updated header/footer – These match the header and footer that were introduced on the new homepage.
  • Larger body fonts – Fonts are now larger with improved line height and margins.
  • Improved visibility on hyperlinks – Links are now blue and stand out in content.
  • Mobile improvements – The header on mobile takes up less room and department menus can be toggled by the menu icon in the top right corner.

The template updates were rolled out for the following templates:

  • Department 1 Sidebar Pages
  • Department 2 Sidebar Pages
  • Department Gallery Pages
  • Department Our Team Pages
  • Department No Sidebar Pages

Other template updates (college landing pages, special one off templates, etc) will be planned and rolled out in the coming months.

Please let Web Services know if you have any questions by emailing us at webservices@valdosta.edu

Updated department template example, September 2015.
Updated department template example, September 2015.

MyVSU Portals News Module Improvement

An update to the MyVSU Portals News Widget was just released that improved the selection process of the articles that are displayed.

The appropriate functionality of the of the process is to display any news articles specified as priority first and then randomly select from standard priority articles.  This was difficult because all of the articles were pulled from a single xml feed (http://xml.valdosta.edu/site/newsForMyVSU.xml).  This process has been changed to now use two xml feeds (http://xml.valdosta.edu/site/newsForMyVSU.xml) for priority articles and (http://xml.valdosta.edu/site/nonpriorityNewsForMyVSU.xml) for non-priority.  The article selection process loads the articles from the priority feed first and then, if less than two articles are contained, picks randomly from the non-priority feed until the list has two articles.

Version: MyVSU Portals v2015-04-28