The Digestive System

In this lab you will identify all of the major components of the fetal pig digestive system. Before you begin, recall the following information regarding dissections:

  1. Only use your scalpel or scissors when absolutely necessary. Clean your specimen by removing matertial with the tweezers or probes, not by cutting.
  2. Never walk around the lab with a dissecting instrument in your hand. Leave them at your lab station.
  3. Never dump waste tissue in the sink. All waste material goes in the garbage can.

Go to Dissection Protocol

Click here for a printable pdf of the dissection protocol

Lab exam review list

Note: For the lab exam, always be sure to indicate Left or Right wherever relevant.

Anus Liver
Body of stomach Lymph nodes
Cardiac sphincter Masseter muscle
Cecum Mesentery
Common bile duct Oral cavity
Cystic bile duct Papillae of tongue
Descending colon Pancreas
Diverticulum Parietal peritoneum
Duodenum Parotid gland
Duodenal papilla Pyloric sphincter
Esophagus Rectum
Facial nerve Rugae
Fundus Small intestine
Gall bladder Soft palate
Gastric mucosa Spiral colon
Greater curvature Spleen
Greater omentum Stensen’s duct
Hard palate Stomach
Hepatic bile duct Sublingual gland
Ileocecal sphincter Submandibular gland
Ileum Teeth
Jejunum Tongue
Large intestine Vestibule
Lesser curvature Villi
Lesser omentum Visceral peritoneum
Lingual frenulum