Respiration Physiology

In this exercise you will use a spirometer to measure four different lung volumes/capacities.

With this information you can then calculate other volumes and capacities. You will also examine the relationship between one of these measures (vital capacity) and body size. There are three possible outcomes for this analysis:

  1. A positive relationship would indicate that vital capacity increases with larger body size;
  2. A negative relationship would show that vital capacity decreases with increased body size; and
  3. A random distribution would suggest there is no relationship between vital capacity and body size.

Note that you will be using the data from everyone in the class for this analysis and that the index of body size you will be using is height. Make sure that you record each person’s height in cm (obtained by multiplying an individual’s height in inches by 2.54).

Click here to see the protocol for Measuring Lung Volumes.

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