Heart Anatomy

In this lab you will examine the internal and external anatomy of the sheep heart.

Before you begin, review the following information regarding dissections:

  1. Only use your scalpel or scissors when absolutely necessary. Clean your specimen by removing matertial with the tweezers or probes, not by cutting.
  2. Never walk around the lab with a dissecting instrument in your hand. Leave them at your lab station.
  3. Never dump waste tissue in the sink. All waste material goes in the garbage can.

Lab Exam Review List

Note: For the lab exam, always be sure to indicate Left or Right and Artery or Vein wherever relevant.

External Anatomy Internal Anatomy
Anterior interventricular sulcus Atria
Aorta Aortic semilunar valve
Apex of heart Bicuspid valve
Atria Chordae tendineae
Auricles Coronary sinus
Brachiocephalic artery Endocardium
Epicardium Interatrial septum
Inferior vena cava Interventricular septum
Ligamentum arteriosum Moderator band
Pericardium Myocardium
Posterior interventricular sulcus Papillary muscle
Pulmonary artery Pectinate muscle
Pulmonary vein(s) Pulmonary semilunar valve
Superior vena cava Trabeculae carneae
Ventricles Tricuspid valves

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