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  • Molly Drescher #105

    Alright, how is this idea!? A garden for growing fruits and vegetables that the professors and mainly the students maintain.

    There is tons of research on community gardens and the great sense of community unity it creates for people. They can improve the nutritional status among students, help students learn exactly how to grow their own food, and be something new, pretty, and different on campus. A garden can produce many other great opportunities for VSU. Such as, be a model of environmental sustainability, we could incorporate an outreach program to K-12 and have them learn about gardening and get them involved in the community unity. There could be competitions for Art majors to make yard art and signs for the garden to add on to the aesthetics.

    There would be a system where students could work in the garden for x amount of hours and in return take some of the food home. It would be important to have shifts and a schedule for people to work so it is maintained and long-lasting.

    There are more ideas in the works and lots of ways to go about having a garden, but these are some of the most important ideas. I have a few people committed to working the garden and a good amount of support for the idea but need to get the word out more!

    Gardner Rogers #111

    I just saw this–I think it’s great idea.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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