Reclaiming public space at VSU as space for learning

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  • Kathleen Lowney #94

    I want to propose that we create a list of public spaces across our campus that could be used for student-student learning and faculty-student learning spaces. Literature shows that students can be retained if they have more faculty-student time outside of the classroom, but still devoted to learning. So let’s take some of our public spaces and multi-purpose them for learning too.

    1) Paint locations such as the walls surrounding the windows opposite Starbucks with whiteboard paint, so that students and faculty-student groups could better use that space to study and learn together by working problems on the walls, etc.

    2) Similarly, cover most/all tables in these same spaces with glass/plexiglass so that groups could write on them with dry erase pens and work together.

    3) Purchase several rolling whiteboards and store near the Union Rotunda so that they could be rolled in there for impromptu study sessions.

    4) Survey all the residence halls and see if they have public spaces which perhaps need more/better whiteboards for students to use.

    5) Purchase more “moveable walls” for Odum Library to use to “contain” impromptu groups for noise control. If these would be double-sided whiteboards, so much the better.

    6) Ask the Bookstore to stock appropriate pens and erasers and cleaner in larger quantities and perhaps sell them on both floors of the Bookstore.

    7) Institutionalize that these are meant to be used. Yes, it’s okay to write on the glass, the walls, etc., but always following the Blazer Creed in terms of what can get written.

    Help me to find these possible public spaces — reply with what part of the campus you would like to see this happen. Thanks.

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