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  • Mark McNalley #91

    While I posted in the Sophomore year experience topic that a Sophomore community is being developed, I also wanted to post onto the forum about Living Learning Communities in general. Massive amounts of research exist to highlight the positive results (often tied with retention) when a student’s in-classroom experience is supported/enhanced with their out-of-classroom experience. Therefore, I’m posting this on the forum to send out a call to anyone who would want to partner on developing a Living-Learning Community (LLC) in one of our residence halls. I’ve previously worked with communities centering on topics from Undeclared, Mass Communications, Social Justice, Sophomore (hence why i’m working on that) and others. If you and/or your department have an interest, please let me know. (I’m trying to avoid creating communities that don’t have an academic tie to it as those communities tend to die out over time)

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