The following list of clauses will help you when writing Resolutions during a Simulation. You are encouraged to print this page and bring it with you to conference, so that you may reference these clauses at the necessary time.

Preambular Clauses
The purpose of a preambular clause is to provide historical background on the issue and validate the actions that will be explained in the Operative Clauses. Common phrases to begin Preambular Clauses may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Affirming                                                • Recognizing
    • Contemplating                                         • Fulfilling
    • Having heard                                           • Convinced
    • Fully aware                                              • Having received
    • Declaring                                                • Fully alarmed
    • Keeping in mind                                      • Deeply concerned
    • Fully believing                                         • Noting with regret
    • Deeply conscious                                    • Further deploring
    • Noting with satisfaction                            
    • Deeply disturbed
    • Guided by                                               • Alarmed by
    • Deeply regretting                                     • Having adopted
    • Having considered                                   • Observing
    • Having considered further                         • Aware of
    • Emphasizing                                           • Having devoted attention
    • Believing                                                 • Expecting
    • Realizing                                                 • Bearing in mind
    • Having examined                                      • Recalling
    • Confident                                                 • Having studied


Operative Clauses
Resolutions will present solutions to the given issue through the numerically ordered Operative Clauses. Each Operative Clause will call for a specific action to be taken. Common phrases to begin Operative Clauses include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Accepts                                                  • Affirms
    • Approves                                                 • Authorizes
    • Calls                                                       • Calls upon
    • Condemns                                               • Confirms
    • Considers                                                • Declares accordingly
    • Deplores                                                  • Designate
    • Draws attention                                         • Emphasizes
    • Encourages                                              • Endorses
    • Expresses its hope                                    • Further invites
    • Further proclaims                                      • Further recommends
    • Further reminds                                        • Further requests
    • Further resolves                                        • Have resolved

Click Here for an example of the clauses used in an actual Resolution of the United Nations.