VSU Opera Presents Copland’s “The Tender Land”

This year’s production is a truly American tale, with music by Aaron Copland. It’s set in the 1930’s on an Iowa farm and we meet young Laurie. Since she’s the first in her family to graduate from high school, her Ma and Grandpa are very proud of her and are throwing her a big party. We hear some gossip about two drifters who have taken advantage of a neighbor girl, and that she is shaken up and going to have a baby. Then all of a sudden… two drifters show up. Grandpa hires them to work the fields, and of course, Laurie falls in love with one of them, Martin. You’ll find out the answers to some burning questions: Are these two drifters the same ones that took advantage of the neighbor?? Will Laurie run off with Martin? Will they marry and take over the farm with Grandpa’s blessing? Will anything ever be the same?

This show is about growing up, seeing the world in a new way, or trying to resist change. It’s about mistrusting those we don’t know, and putting our trust in the wrong things. There is so much family drama between the characters.

This year it’s an all student cast, and the voices are so impressive, you’ll think you’re hearing professionals.

When I said it’s American music, there’s even a hoedown. Did you ever hear of a hoedown in an opera?! Well, there is, and it’s a foot-stomper.