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  • Kathleen Lowney #92

    I believe we need a faculty group ( initially it will likely be smaller # of faculty) who WANT to be focused on teaching in the Core Curriculum. They should be offered support (e.g., workshops, guest speakers like Dr. Brightman was, etc.) and also get rewards. This should be an status that is rewarded on all P&T documents, on Faculty Annual Reports, and so on. To get the status, faculty will have to “earn” it — attending events, joining Teaching Circles at the IDEA Center, collecting data about their courses and sharing it with other Core Faculty, presenting at conferences, etc. Just like Graduate Faculty status, it will be renewed on a set timeperiod.

    If there is the proper time and resources devoted to these faculty, we should see reinvigorated Core classes, which use active learning, new types of technology when appropriate, new-to-some-parts-of-VSU ways of teaching (i.e., maybe 4 days a week — 3 days and a quiz section), and so on.

    Chere Peguesse #99

    I agree, Kathe. This sounds like fun to me, and I agree that it should also count in P&T, and should be renewable. Question: who would supervise this status? An IDEA center fellow?

    Kathleen Lowney #101

    Hadn’t completely thought that out, but seems like Dean of Undergrad Studies might be one place; Gen Ed Council another possible place; IDEA Center could be involved too possibly, sure!

    Gardner Rogers #106

    I like this idea; I like shared oversight by the Gen Ed Council and a designated scholar from the IDEA Center.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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