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  • Mark McNalley #79


    My name is Mark McNalley and i’m an Asst. Director with Housing and Residence Life. While I’m always open and willing to talk with any faculty or staff about creating Living-Learning Communities (LLC) in our halls, I’ve already gathered together a group who are working on a Sophomore Residential Community for Fall 2016. National Research is showing that the Sophomore Slump is a real thing and with many services offered at VSU to our First-Year Students, this community is intended to bridge those first-year experiences to future success when students are further on into their majors. We’re proposing this community to be in Georgia Hall with a goal of 100 students being a part of this community. Currently, Centralized Advising, Career Opportunities, Office of Social Equity, Student Success Center and Housing and Residence Life are represented on our committee. Below is our general timeline of what we’d like to offer to our students through this community:

    August—Reflection on First-year
    September—What does it mean to be in your 2nd year of college?
    November – Thanks 4 Giving/Pay it Forward
    January—Planting the seeds of Greatness (Service Learning)
    February —Planning for the Summer (Career Planning, Summer Employment/Internship)
    March—A Diverse Campus makes a Diverse Person

    Please let me know if you have ideas to add and/or if you’d be interested in joining our group.

    Chere Peguesse #100

    Hey Mark,

    You’ve probably already talked with Gardner Rogers about this, but it would be great to have the pilot Core Project student group eventually feed your Soph. learning community–we are piloting 100 students:) We definitely need something to address the slump (we’ve needed a program for years).

    Gardner Rogers #112

    Chere, Mark and I have talked about linking up second-year Project CORE students with this project. Thanks.

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