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March 7, 2017

Illustration: Stylish Buildings of Miami

Illustration: Stylish Buildings of Miami

Miami 2017 is an illustration project  shared by Remko Heemskerk on his Behance profile. As the title suggests, the illustrations are about Miami, more specifically, buildings and architecture of that beautiful city. There’s a mix of the famous art deco buildings  and some more modernist interpretations. All of that reinterpreted through simple vector illustrations with no gradients, just solid colors and quite a bit of contrast. What I love about these illustrations is that I try to take photos of buildings in real life with the goal to make them look like these illustrations. Remko did a fantastic job, check them out.

Remko Heemskerk is an illustrator based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. He lived in New York City where he studied Visual Arts. His passion as you can imagine is illustration, design, sketch and paint. He also has a list of high profile clients, including names like Wired, VW, CondéNast, Disney and others. For more information make sure to check out his website at http://www.remkoheemskerk.com/


Illustration: Stylish Buildings of MiamiIllustration: Stylish Buildings of MiamiIllustration: Stylish Buildings of MiamiIllustration: Stylish Buildings of MiamiIllustration: Stylish Buildings of MiamiIllustration: Stylish Buildings of MiamiIllustration: Stylish Buildings of MiamiIllustration: Stylish Buildings of MiamiIllustration: Stylish Buildings of Miami

Mar 07, 2017

Source: Abduzeedo Illustration

March 6, 2017

SXSW Selection ‘I Love Bekka and Lucy’ Celebrates Female Friendship — Watch Exclusive Clip

Having found success with her 2012 web series “I Love Lucy & Bekka,” playwright Rachael Holder is returning with a full-scale short form series, “I Love Bekka and Lucy,” premiering worldwide at SXSW this year as part of the Episodic line-up. Produced by Stage 13 through Warner Brothers, “I Love Bekka and Lucy” emphasizes the same ideas of friendship from the previous series, but with more time available to flesh out these two inseparable best friends.

Jessica Parker Kennedy and Tanisha Long star as Bekka and Lucy, respectively. The two bounce off each other in ways that aren’t always so seamless, as Bekka’s cynicism plays against Lucy’s dreamier personality. Despite their differences, their deep friendship grounds them. Rounding out the rest of the cast in Holder’s world is Alexis Denisof (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” fame), as well as Chris Smith.

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With a largely female cast and crew, Holder is hoping to enhance our perspective on the nuances of female friendship. While sharing similarities to the likes of “Broad City,” “I Love Bekka and Lucy” leans further into the realistic type of conflict friends still can face with each other. With digitally-minded distribution, “I Love Bekka and Lucy” also represents a shift beyond its content — Stage 13 is part of a larger initiative by Warner Brothers to develop and promote content from a digital perspective.

Check out this exclusive clip below, in which Becca argues that Lucy’s rush to get married is “feeding some deadline that no longer exists for our gender.” “I Love Bekka and Lucy” is premiering at SXSW and ultimately streaming digitally through Stage 13.

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March 6, 2017

Interaction Design: The Rebirth of the Majestic

Interaction Design: The Rebirth of the Majestic

Whatever you wanna call it, we all have heard the news about the comeback of the indestructible Nokia 3310. Carried on with many titles, it’s great to see the comeback of this phone especially with our modern standard. With this launch, we are sharing the work from Abhisek Das who decided to give an interaction design refresh to the landing page. I really like his bold and yet clean approach to the design, I wish I could have seen his work/thinking for mobile version as well. Give it a look!

Published via Behance is the work from Abhisek Das who is a UI/UX designer based in Bangalore, India. He is a self-taught designer and I love that he implements the process of his creativity like a muscle and that it must be shared with the many talents out there.

When Nokia unveiled the comeback of the indestructible handset, I wanted to give a retouch to the landing page with the Apple design style. Better readability, reduction design pattern, larger typography and a neat user interface.

Interaction Design: The Rebirth of the MajesticInteraction Design: The Rebirth of the MajesticInteraction Design: The Rebirth of the MajesticInteraction Design: The Rebirth of the MajesticInteraction Design: The Rebirth of the Majestic


Mar 06, 2017

Source: Abduzeedo UI/UX

March 6, 2017

Facebook Hack: How to Optimize Your Video Posts

Facebook is quickly becoming the future of online video. Learn how to get the most out of your Facebook video posts.<p><i>Cover image via Fortune.</i><p>To say …
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March 6, 2017

How to Add LUTs in Premiere Pro (And 35 Free LUTs)

Learn how to add LUTs to the Premiere Pro dropdown menu — with 35 Free LUTs.
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March 6, 2017

ABDZ Photo Challenge: #abdz_minimalism

ABDZ Photo Challenge: #abdz_minimalism

A photo challenge! Yes! Mainly, It’s an open concept that is made purely for fun and also to improve your photography or mobile photography skills. The idea is simple! At the beginning of the week, we’ll share a theme through a hashtag for your pictures. During that given week, you will use that hashtag whenever you seem is appropriate or not. On Friday we’ll select and publish our favourite photos on the blog and also on Instagram account (@Abduzeedos). We look forward to see what you will come up with.

This for this week, we are going for the hashtag: –> #abdz_minimalism. Minimalism is a pretty common term that we’ve once expressed our interest for. The interesting part with this week’s challenge is that we all have our own vision of minimal so it will be quite interesting to see your own vision of minimal. Let’s make it fun and compelling!

Some Examples

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A post shared by Xiao Han (@hx1125) on Feb 22, 2017 at 7:50pm PST

A post shared by Xiao Han (@hx1125) on Feb 13, 2017 at 2:17pm PST

A post shared by Xiao Han (@hx1125) on Feb 9, 2017 at 7:35pm PST

A post shared by otije (@otije) on Nov 23, 2016 at 8:58am PST

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Mar 06, 2017

Source: Abduzeedo Photography

March 6, 2017

Oscar Box Office Wrap: Which Contender Got the Biggest Boost?

Octavia Spencer is having a good weekend, as she hosts Saturday Night Live, opens new movie “The Shack” and stars in what will inevitably be the highest domestic grossing Oscar contender, “Hidden Figures” (20th Century Fox).

Even though the Best Picture nominee won nothing, it nonetheless kept soaring at the box office this post-Oscar weekend, as it has for weeks, with the best gross among the top contenders. Adding $3.8 million for a current $159 million total, the movie is now certain to wind up the top grosser of the bunch.

“Hidden Figures” dropped 34 per cent, compared to 37 per cent for “La La Land,” despite its six wins including Actress and Director. “La La Land” added another $3 million, and should eke out about $160 million domestic for its total runs, and more than double that worldwide. That should salve Lionsgate’s disappointment over its dramatic Best Picture loss.

“Moonlight” Golden Globe 2017 Best Drama



Best Picture-winner “Moonlight” (A24), which never made the Top Ten, ended up adding $2.5 million in 1,564 dates, the most for any week of its lengthy run. And the drama is also out on VOD and DVD/Blu-Ray, where it is thriving (#1 on iTunes among feature films). In this atypical case, the two are coexisting quite nicely under A24’s two-tiered strategy.

Manchester By the Sea” (Amazon Studios/Roadside Attractions) also has some home availability. With its Actor and Screenplay wins, it still fell 46 per cent (the same factors were there last week) but will end up with just under double the theatrical take for “Moonlight.”

Rooney Mara and Dev Patel in Lion


The Weinstein Company

Viola Davis’ win for “Fences” (Paramount), perhaps because supporting carries less weight than lead, saw minor impact. The film dropped 63 per cent with $290,000. It will top out around $60 million (it is still theatrical only), which will put it ahead of “Manchester” and “Moonlight.”

Weinstein’s non-winner “Lion” dropped 43 per cent for another $2.2 million. It looks to get to around $55 million, with somewhat more overseas. That’s a much-needed success for Weinstein, which unusually took home no gold on Oscar night.

Here is a look at the grosses of all nine Best Picture nominees on the morning of the nominations (January 24), Oscar Sunday (February 26) and one week later (March 5):

Best Picture  Box Office Chart

Film   Grosses (all in millions): January 24 / February 26 / March 5

Hidden Figures  $85.0 / $152.7 / $158.8

La La Land  $90.5 / $140.9 / $145.7

Arrival   $95.7 / $100.3  /$100.5

Hacksaw Ridge   $65.5  /$66.9   /$67.0

Fences  $48.8 /$56.6  / $57.1

Manchester By the Sea  $39.0  /$46.9  / $47.3

Lion  $16.5 /  $42.8 / $46.6

Hell or High Water    $27.0 / $27.0 / $27.0

Moonlight   $17.9 / $22.2 / $25.4

Source: IndieWire film

March 5, 2017

The ProTruly Darling might just be the weirdest phone you’ve ever seen

Heralded as the first smartphone with a built-in 360-degree camera, the Darling certainly seems to have locked down a recipe for adoration from photo enthusiasts. But only the photo enthusiasts who do not mind an almost absurdly giant phone

The post The ProTruly Darling might just be the weirdest phone you’ve ever seen appeared first on Digital Trends.

Source: Digital Trends VR

March 5, 2017

You Can Now Visit Skull Island on Google Maps — Unless You’re Scared

If you’re at all familiar with Skull Island, you’re well aware that the home of cinema’s most famous giant ape is a terrible place where no one should ever go. Those seduced by the fictional locale’s siren song despite knowing better can now glimpse it on Google Maps, which has partnered with Legendary and Universal Pictures to provide a geography lesson for prospective moviegoers ahead of next week’s release of “Kong: Skull Island.”

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Listed as an “archaeological site” west of Peru, Skull Island has already received nearly 7,000 reviews and boasts a cumulative 3.6-star rating. One user informs potential visitors that, though “the island itself is amazing and would in any other location be heaven on earth,” “the mood quickly changes one you have your first encounter with the King himself.”

READ MORE: ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Trailer: Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston Unleash Cinema’s Most Iconic Beast

Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John C. Reilly and John Goodman star in “Kong: Skull Island,” which was directed by “Kings of Summer” helmer Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The film will be released in theaters next Friday, March 10.

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March 5, 2017

Watch: What Kind of Director Was Barry Jenkins Before ‘Moonlight’?

Barry Jenkins’ talents as a director were very much apparent before he ever made his Oscar-winning film “Moonlight.”

Now that Barry Jenkins has an Oscar under his belt, many of those who rallied behind Best Picture winner Moonlight can’t wait to see what he has for us in the future. However, Jenkins was an incredibly talented director long before he made the film that made him famous. With much of his cinematic visual style stitched into his previous work, fans and students of film would do well to explore his short films, including Medicine for Melancholy and My Josephine. You can start by checking out this Fandor video essay by Haroon Adalat, which reveals the many stylistic similarities between Moonlight and Jenkins’ early work.

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