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The Happening Definitely Happened

by Brian Roberts on September 2, 2014 in Events, Information, Just Happened

This year marked the 23rd annual “Happening” at VSU and with 325 registered student organizations, VSU departments and business/community groups, it was the biggest and baddest one yet. If you’re not familiar with the Happening, it is an information fair that takes place on the Font Lawn every year to help new students acclimate to all of the various opportunities available to them both on and off campus.

Other than the extreme heat (which has become as much a tradition as the event itself) the day was one filled with free food, free stuff, and free fun. This event, which was once held on Palms Quad (picture that, if you will…) has grown to become the the largest attended event at Valdosta State and continues to grow each year.

See what it’s like with the Drones Eye-View.

We even made the local news…ballin’!


The Happening

For more pictures from The Happening, checkout VSU’s flickr.