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Get Connected in 2015

by Brian Roberts on January 13, 2015 in Information

A new semester is a always an exciting time both in and out of the classroom. It provides you with opportunities for meeting new people, learning new things and making new connections. You may be looking for new groups to join or maybe you are looking to motivate your current organization; a new semester can provide a great starting block. There are a myriad of opportunities available to help you get involved;

Some organizations on campus, such as Greek Life, hold Spring Recruitment events for anyone interested in becoming part of the Greek community. We also have an active Volunteer program that provides daily opportunities to become engaged in the community and earn service hours. Maybe you are wanting to get your current organization involved in campus activities, if so, there are several large events that you can participate in. Every April, VSU host’s its own Relay for Life on the Front Lawn. This event is a great way to get your organization to participate and network with other campus organizations. Not only is it an awesome experience, it serves a great cause. The Office of Student Life also hosts networking mixers for members of all student organizations. These are another wonderful way to meet people and learn about other campus organizations to again, make connections.

The possibilities are endless so go to CAB event, volunteer at the animal shelter, sign your organization up for Relay, just get connected!

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