FVS Showcase


Winners’ Circle (Left to Right): FVS Faculty Advisor Dennis Conway, Levi Johnson (1st Place), Church Barnas (Court Jester), Jessica Thomas (3rd Place), and Jennifer Rainer (2nd Place) celebrate their victories.

The Film and Video Society held its Fall 2017 End-of-the-Semester Showcase on Sunday, Dec. 2, featuring 34 of the Mass Media program’s best student productions. The two-hour show was held in the Student Union Theatre, and winners received gift certificates to Best Buy for the Audience Favorite category, as voted by the attendees. The program included ads, PSA’s, short films, music videos, promotional, and news pieces.
Levi Johnson and Jonathan Bice won First Place for their 13 – minute science – fiction / action piece, “The Glove.” The plot features a young woman who uses a time – machine device on a glove, by which she can re-do her failures to escape a sniper. Eventually, she succeeds by avoiding the confrontation. Second Place went to Lidia Alonso, Mary Carmen Miranda, Jennifer Rainer, and Amea Thompson, for “Tragedy Tuesdays,” their soap-opera style tale of a man trying to win back his girlfriend at a restaurant. Third Place went to “Samantha’s Time,” by Jessica Thomas and Nathan Ragland, a piece about a young woman deciding if her boyfriend represents just a “Mr. Waste Your Time” romance.
FVS Faculty Advisor Dennis Conway and President Jonathan Bice hosted the event. Levi Johnson handled Production, Evan Creamer the Lighting, Max Steele the Audio, and Nathan Ragland the Refreshments.
The FVS will sponsor its Spring 2018 End-of-the-Semester Showcase in April, as well as other events in Spring, such as the South Georgia Film Festival. The group meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 7 p.m. in the Mass Media Building, to encourage student video production, and discuss film industry issues. It will also host an evening viewing of the movie, “Blade Runner,” this Wednesday, Dec. 6, in the University Center Theatre. Please email FVS President Jonathan Bice at jrbice@valdosta.edu for more club details.