Audience Favorite Winners: Pictured Above, Left to Right, with FVS Faculty Advisor Dennis Conway 1st Place, Saige Ashe, Kayley Tudor, unidentified crew member, and Peter Falkenhausen.
2nd Place: Alex Foster (for Stephen Levi Johnson and crew).
3rd Place: Jin Wook Hur, Jordan Stewart, Nakita Porter.

“Payton’s Place,” a 23-minute film, took the 1st Place award, and tells the story of Payton, a child abused by her father, and dealing with her trauma. It was written and directed by Saige Ashe, produced by Kayley Tudor, with Sound Mixing by Amy Cash, and Grip Work by Peter Falkenhausen. It was produced in the Capstone class. “The Key of Captain Morgan,” a 21-minute film, won 2nd Place. It is a period piece featuring Evan Creamer as Bart the Pirate, fighting other rascals for the key to a buried treasure chest. It was written and directed by Stephen Levi Johnson, and produced by Mikayla Mummaw, with videography by Olivia Rosener. It was also produced in the Capstone class. “The Love That Never Was,” an 11-minute film, took 3rd Place, and explored a haunted library, as a séance by three students releases a lonely spirit who once studied there. The piece was written and directed by Jin Wook Hur, and starred Jordan Stewart as the library ghost. Nikita Porter and Shelby Bray served as Crew. The piece was produced in the Intro. to Electronic Media Production class. FVS Faculty Advisor Dennis Conway and President Arriana Williams hosted the event. FVS Officers Cameron Tudor, Sedrick Bolton, and guests Alex Foster and Nathan Ragland served as Production Crew. The Film and Video Society meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month in the Mass Media Building. The organization facilitates production of narrative and documentary videos through connecting filmmakers with other enthusiasts, and offers a venue for others to view your productions at its Showcases. It also sponsors a yearly Viewing Party on Oscar night, “Reel Wars” debates about film industry topics, a 48 Hour Film Festival, editing workshops, and other film showings. Please email for more information.