Graduating Art & Design Students Present Virtual Show, “Living In Color”

Virtual Art Exhibition “Living in Color.” Featuring works by graduating Art & Design students

The Dedo Maranville Fine Arts Gallery presents Living in Color

Virtual Senior Exhibition and Senior Presentations:

Exhibition Opening:  April 18

Senior Presentations Released: April 26

Contact: Julie Bowland, Fine Arts Gallery Director at (229) 333-5835 or

Students showing: Jadah Alford, Lo Baker, Rasheem Callender, Daniel Carter, Caroline Closson, Jennifer Delabra, Sophia Dong, Elliot Ingram, Thuy Le, Joellyn Mak, Christian Perry, Arielle Ramey, Isabelle Redenius, Nalla Roberts, Camille Sowell, Jenni Steltenpohl, Madelynn Tahsler, Alex Walden, Malik Williams, and Hannah Wynn

Valdosta State University’s graduating class of 2021 presents their virtual art show, “Living in Color” , opening Sunday, April 18th. Through this site, viewers can explore the works of over twenty unique artists using a multitude of mediums. Due to the continued global pandemic of COVID-19, this year’s senior show will be available online at

As the semester comes to a close, 20 art students graduating from VSU have worked together to create the digital gallery show “Living in Color”. This semester we will be presenting a wide variety of work including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, graphic design, printmaking, book art, ceramics, jewelry, and metalworking. This vast array of artistic mediums and subject matter highlights the unique differences in each student and their art. From the precise and meticulous drawing, to free-flowing watercolors, to raw and vibrant prints; viewers can experience many distinct types of art, sure to find art that speaks to them.  

The work shown in “Living in Color” explores the use of art as communication. This communication can lie within the self as a deeper personal exploration or shine through with the ability to share our unique experiences in life. Each one of us sees the world through such diverse perspectives. This is featured in work that expresses the versatility of the body, the struggles of living as a person of color in America, and the duality of nature.

Our title “Living in Color” represents each one of us as individuals and unique artists, and although these colors are different, we still can find the allure in them. Each of us are at various points in our lives, and we each have unique experiences, that makes us beautiful in our own way. Artists have an exceptional way of seeing the world, tending to see it as it should be instead of how it is. In a time where the world is bleak and gray, as artists, we aim to brighten the world by choosing living in color. 

We invite all to return to the virtual gallery on April 26 to view each student-artist’s personal video presentation and learn more about their work, as well as their ideas and processes. 

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