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The Guide to a Perfect Morning Routine

Everyone goes to sleep with a morning plan in mind, but how many of you actually execute it? Did you get to read Chapter 9 before class and still have time to grab breakfast? Did you find that shirt you wanted to wear or did you throw on something else because you ran out of time? A cautiously thought out morning routine would avoid problems like these and give you enough time to get everything done. Additionally, it will encourage you to make your mornings more productive. So what makes a routine perfect? Following this guide of tips can help your morning routine turn from “half-awake and behind on time” to “productive and refreshed”!

  • Plan ahead

This is where your time management skills kick off. Start by getting anything ready at night that can help benefit your mornings. Try picking out your outfits before bed or pre-making any breakfast meals. If you have any homework, try your best to complete it all before the morning it is due.

  • Wake up early

Ever heard the term “early bird catches the worm”? Although you’re not a bird and I’m sure you don’t eat worms (I would hope not), this quote is still very much true. The earlier you wake up, the more time you give yourself to be productive! Sleeping in can be fun, but try not to make it a habit. “Early student catches the success”. That works, right?

  • Make your bed

As small as this chore seems, it could possibly make or break your morning. You want to start off your day feeling refreshed and clean. Not making your bed can make your room look messy and living in unorganized spaces can feel uncomfortable.

  • Drink water

It is essential that you begin your mornings with water due to it helping re-hydrate your body and allowing any bodily systems to work more thoroughly. Consuming sugar and caffeine (coffee) beforehand can further dehydrate the body by flushing all the sodium and water in your body.

  • Pick a playlist for the bathroom festivities

Who wants to brush their teeth and wash up in silence? Pick some tunes to help you get in the mood and release any tired energy you have as you let your toothpaste and body wash do all of the talking.

  • Breakfast time 

This is the most important meal of the day, so it is highly suggested to not skip it. For students, most breakfasts have to be quick and easy to make while still obtaining nutrients for the day. Try instant oatmeal, a fruit bowl, toast, or yogurt. Spend this time relaxing and maybe catch up on a show or book as you enjoy your food. This is also the time to catch up on any homework you did not complete yet.  

  • Plan your day

Take a moment to visualize or write down your plans for today. If you have a planner, you’re already ahead of the game. This will allow you to clearly see what you need to get done today so you don’t fall behind on any work or responsibilities. 

  • Have a great day

Go into the day thinking positively and manifesting great things for yourself. Your mind is a powerful tool and can easily affect the outcome of your day. 

Your first morning using this guide might not turn out flawless but practice makes perfect. Move things around to your liking and consider adding more steps to your guide. This is your morning routine and it is important that you are able to reap the benefits. 

Written by: Kayla Pool