Film & Video Society Holds Fall Video Showcase

fv-society-showcase Winners Circle: (Left to Right) FVS President Nathan Ragland and Faculty Advisor Dennis Conway congratulate the Showcase winners Thomas Wright, Haiden Dela Cruz, and Andrew Black (teacher for winners Kyle Dawson and Andrew Irvin)

FROM: DENNIS CONWAY, FOR THE FVS                 DATE: DEC. 5, 2016

      The Film and Video Society held its Fall 2016 Video Showcase on Sunday, Dec. 4, featuring 18 of the Mass Media program’s best student pieces.   The 90 – minute show was held in the Student Union Theatre, and students won cash prizes and certificates for the Audience Favorite category, as voted by the attendees. The program included ads, PSA’s, short dramatic films, mini-documentaries, and news pieces.

Graduating Senior Thomas Wright won First Place for his six-minute Independent Project, “Blazer Football Senior Farewell” piece, which profiled the team’s players and described what their shared experience meant to him.  Second Place went to Kyle Dawson and Andrew Irvin (Production II class) for their three-minute comedic music video, “Say Something,” about a man who misses his favorite fast food bargain.  Third Place went to Haiden De La Cruz, Scarlett Ashe, Sylvia Leong, and Amari Summerlin (Production II class), for their 11-minute dramatic piece about an interview for a hit man job, called “A Day of Interviews.”

FVS Faculty Advisor Associate Professor Dennis Conway and FVS president Nathan Ragland hosted the ceremony. The FVS will hold its Spring Video Showcase in April, 2017.  The group meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 7 p.m. in the Mass Media Building, to encourage student video production, and discuss film industry issues.