Pictured: Nathan Ragland, Tiffany Padgett, Quinnon Wiggins, and Jabari Bennett.


FROM: DENNIS CONWAY, FOR THE FVS                     DATE: APRIL 13, 2017


The Film and Video Society held its third and final “Reel Wars” debate of the school year on Wednesday, April 5, in which members and guests debated movie-themed issues for almost 90 minutes.  This evening’s event covered movies made by Disney and Pixar.  A close competition ensued, with Team Dreamworks defeating the Evil Regals, 3 rounds to 2.  Two 2-person teams competed, before an audience of 20 people.


Evan Kramer moderated the contest, and Richard Williamson served as Timekeeper. The five debate rounds centered on the discussion of questions (chosen by Jonathan Bice): 1. What Disney animated film deserves a live-action treatment?  2. Of four movies found in the bargain bin at Walmart (“Planes,” “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” “Lone Ranger,” “Mars Needs Moms”), why is your movie better?  3. What movie franchise should Disney purchase and reboot in upcoming years?  4.  What Disney character needs their own spinoff movie?  5. Which Disney film, live-action or animated, would be improved if the character, Jack Sparrow, were added to the story?


The Team Dreamworks group consisted of Jabari Bennett and Quinnon Wiggins, and their rivals, the Evil Regals, were populated by Nathan Ragland and Tiffany Padgett.  Judges included Maxwell Steele.  The Film and Video Society will also host the Mass Media program’s End-of-the-Semester Student Film Showcase on Sunday, April 30, from 4-6 p.m., in the Student Union Theatre.  The club meets every first and third Wednesday night at 7 p.m. in the Mass Media building.   Please email FVS President Nathan Ragland at for more information about the group.