Student in the News


Congratulations to Adam Myers (MMP Trombone major) who was selected as a full participant in the 2017 Summer Trombone Workshop hosted at the Manhattan School of Music in June.

The Summer Trombone Workshop 2017 will explore trombone repertoire in a week of intensive study. A distinguished faculty will offer students private and public lessons, lectures and concerts. Students will work closely with faculty toward public performances at the end of the workshop. Each Full-Participant will play in two master classes and two private lessons as well as in a trombone quartet(or trio) and large trombone ensemble.
STW 2017 Faculty
Haim Avitsur, Artistic Director
Scott Hartman, Yale
Colin Williams, NY Philharmonic
George Curran, Bass Trombone NY Philharmonic
David Taylor, Bass Trombone Soloist

Congratulations Adam.