Induction of the Inaugural VSU Chapter of National Honors Society for Dance Arts

2019-2020 VSU Chapter Officers for the Inaugural Chapter of Nat’l Honor Society for Dance Arts: Rachel Tessin, President; Olivia Rosenthal, Vice-President; Erykah Finklea, Secretary; Sarah Wildes Arnett, Faculty Sponsor

The National Honor Society for Dance Arts

Presents Into Membership

Erykah Finklea

Olivia Rosenthal

Rachel Tessin

February 8, 2019

Valdosta State University

Valdosta, Georgia

Officers for 2019 – 2020

President: Rachel Tessin

Vice President: Olivia Rosenthal

Secretary: Erykah Finklea

Faculty Sponsor: Sarah Wildes Arnett, Associate Professor of Dance


The National Honor Society for Dance Arts™ (NHSDA) is a program of the National Dance Education Organization, created to recognize outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in students studying dance in public and private schools in K-12 education, dance studios, cultural/community centers, performing arts organizations, and post-secondary education. The NHSDA offers three levels of induction: The Junior Program for grades 6-8, The Secondary Program for grades 9-12, and The Collegiate Program for students in college or university dance programs.


The NHSDA Collegiate Program is designed to honor the accomplishments of outstanding undergraduate or graduate students studying dance in a dance major, minor, or elective program at a postsecondary institution. An NHSDA Collegiate Program Chapter can be implemented in any postsecondary institution that supports accredited dance coursework.

NHSDA Collegiate Program Goals:

  • To encourage exploration of dance education pedagogy, choreography, performance, research, community outreach, and advocacy in the context of a broad dance program.
  • To stimulate dialogue and networking between students, faculty, and experts in the field.
  • To promote the use of standards in dance education curriculum and teaching methods.
  • To develop future leaders in the field of dance arts education and performance

ELIGIBILITY for Membership

Student membership in the NHSDA is awarded on the basis of points earned for meritorious work in dance that meet the honor society’s general guidelines and on the basis of grade point average. In addition, the prospective member’s demonstration of collaborative teamwork, motivation, and participation in the many aspects of dance (choreography, performance, teaching, production, etc.) is a factor in the determination of eligibility for membership. Students who uphold a GPA of 3.5 or higher and earn points for approved activities in artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement may be eligible for graduation with honors.