Conway Selected As Editor-Elect of Journal Of Media Education

Feb. 14, 2021

Professor Dennis Conway

Professor Dennis Conway of the Mass Media program has been selected as Editor-Elect of the Journal of Media Education (JoME), a peer-reviewed publication.  The journal is sponsored by the Broadcast Education Association, and will feature a unique new “hybrid” format, presenting both peer-reviewed and editor-reviewed pieces.  “I view it as a classy duplex, with two front entrances,” says Conway.  After a year of training, he will assume the Editor position in 2022.

     Conway says he appreciates the JoME because “When I entered academia 21 years ago, there were few academic publications that were interested in articles or research about production, from the perspective of its practitioners or teachers.  The JoME was a friendly place for that point of view, and for new and non-traditional topics.”  He adds that in the future, he hopes to “help people with their publishing and their careers.”  More information about the JoME can be found at under “Publications.”  

Conway has taught college for 21 years, 11 at VSU.  He earned an M.F.A. at New York University in Film and Television Production, and a B.A. in Government / Political Theory from Cornell.  He has taught 25 different courses in academia, 23 of them at V.S.U., mostly in Video Production and Screenwriting.

Conway has published or co-published 12 articles and 1 script (in the “Creative” edition) in the JoME (and in its predecessor, Feedback). His topics range from quantitative and qualitative studies of Film Festivals and their Diversity, to research on U.S. State Film Offices Financial Incentives, to Teaching Video Production Courses Online.  He also writes about screenwriting and video production class pedagogy.  Conway has won four awards for screenwriting in national contests.   His feature film, “Garden,” a screwball comedy, which he wrote, directed, and edited, played at festivals. He also creates short films and mini -documentaries.