Get to Know IT Workgroups

VSU Information Technology’s Workgroups Systems team is a multifaceted group that fall under Enterprise Infrastructure Systems (EIS). Team members include (pictured L-R): Wes Duke*, TSS desktop specialist, Travis Nolley, systems services associate, Jeremy Scott, systems coordinator, Grant Sloan, systems services associate, Clinton Cauley, systems services assistant,and Cliff Giddens, systems services associate. Most team members’ offices are located on the first floor of Pine Hall. Their primary responsibilities are supporting Windows server infrastructures and campus printing systems, account authentication, and coordinating with appropriate departments concerning new and existing needs. A focal point for this team is in developing the campus-wide Active Directory in a way that is most accessible as technology continues to change in the future.

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IT Policies


  The review deadline for the two revised IT policies was October 31, 2015. The proposed policies were developed by IT in conjunction with Faculty Senate: Policy on Email, Web, and Portal for Official Communications (replaces IT Policy 2101)   Information Resources Acceptable Use Policy (replaces IT Policy 2102)