VSU Solutions Center Positive Impact

Solutions Center Valdosta State UniversityGot a problem? We got a solution…the VSU Solutions Center provides outstanding phone customer service to thousands who need help ranging from general university-related questions to technology to admissions and financial aid. Discover how the IT Helpdesk evolved into the now efficient customer and business-centric VSU Solutions Center that has a positive impact on the VSYou experience. Continue reading

Two-Factor Implementation (2FA)

Something you know plus something you have

2FA + MyVSU for VSU Employees Learn how to setup and use 2FA VSU Information Technology will now implement an advanced security method known as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) that helps to protect your identity and safeguard sensitive academic and financial information when you log into your MyVSU account. Beginning the week…

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Using Knowledge Management Strategies Effectively

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View Knowledge Management Strategies in Frontline Technology Support Presentation: The Valdosta State University Solutions Center has a positive impact on Information Technology, Admissions, and the Welcome Center by providing solutions that reduce caller queue time and abandon rate as well as initiating solutions that are recruitment focused and analytically driven.…

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TSS Supports STEAM Center

VSU helps STEAM, a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics program, thrive throught the use of Kramer systems. VSU and local public school systems now have the opportunity to use their own varied devices through a wireless presentation interface in our state-of-the-art Center. Adrian Taylor, IT Classroom/Event Support Manager, played…

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VSU Project Innovate Grant Propsal

In response to the implementation of new and enhanced solutions designed to support student recruitment and retention, additional storage is needed to power enterprise applications. As the university transitions from a traditional to competency-based environment, the portal system serves as a central location for monitoring students’ progress toward competency completion…

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